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₺1 billion revenue from Ozak Gokturk 2

OZAK GYO is starting the second project of Ozak Gokturk, which it has started to complete and deliver in Gokturk, Istanbul. The sale of Ozak Gokturk-2, which was built on the land adjacent to the forest of 10,500 square meters, has started. A revenue of ₺1 billion is expected from the project.


Explaining that Ozak GYO has implemented many high-quality projects from Buyukyali to Hayattepe, Ozak GYO Chairman of the Board Ahmet Akbalik said, “In all our projects, we have fulfilled more than our promises ahead of time, and we have accomplished works that are referenced by the industry. We delivered Ozak Gokturk, which has 157 residences, early. Moving has begun. We have earned ₺700 million from this project.”

Noting that they have now started sales in Ozak Gokturk-2, Akbalik said, “We will offer terrace areas, forest views and all the possibilities of the city together in 67 boutique apartments starting from 143 square meters and going up to 280 square meters on a land of 10 thousand 500 square meters. Our goal is to make deliveries in 2023.” Expressing that the square meter prices started from ₺50 thousand, Akbalik said, “We started sales from ₺20-22 thousand in our first project. We expect revenues between ₺900 million and ₺1 billion from this project.” Akbalik said that despite the increase in costs, there was no increase in the price of housing in foreign currency.


Explaining that they have started to plan their NEW investments, Akbalik said, “We will have our third project in Gokturk. We will have a hotel project in Bodrum, we are in the planning stage. We have 8 acres of land in Balmumcu, one of the most central locations of Istanbul. It will be a boutique project here.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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