₺2 billion sales from Hepsiburada at 11.11

Businesses selling through the Hepsiburada platform brought approximately 15 million products to their customers in the first 11 days of “Legendary November”.

Hepsiburada provided its customers with a benefit of ₺700 million in just one day, with sales of approximately ₺2 billion on Saturday, November 11, the first big discount day of ‘Legendary November’.

In the statement made by the company, Hepsiburada announced information and statistics about the first 11 days of ‘Legendary November’.

Accordingly, while there were 250 million visits to the platform between 1-11 November, on Saturday, November 11, the first big discount day of ‘Legendary November’, it provided a benefit of ₺700 million to its customers in just one day, with sales of approximately ₺2 billion.

Hepsiburada users ordered approximately 15 million products on the platform, especially in the categories of fashion, shoes and bags, home-living, cosmetics and accessories.

Apart from the three big cities, the cities with the most sales were Antalya, Konya and Adana, while Bursa, Antalya and Kocaeli stood out as the cities with the most shopping. Users in these provinces especially preferred sweatshirts, socks, t-shirts and skin care products.

Intense interest in deferred and installment payments

Customers showed great interest in Hepsiburada’s ‘Buy Now, Pay in Installments in February’ offer, which relieves family budgets the most. While approximately 200 thousand Hepsiburada customers applied for ‘Hepsiburada Limit’ between 1-11 November, approximately 80% of the total orders were made with installments and 30% with postponement advantages.

In ‘Legendary November’, fashion was one of the categories that attracted the most attention, especially from customers who wanted to complete their winter needs. Users who wanted to complete their elegance with accessories bought glasses and watches the most in the Legendary 11.11 discounts.

Demand for technological products and small household appliances increased

In Legend 11.11, those who shopped for their homes mostly bought pans, glasses and pillows, while local brands in cosmetics were preferred by customers.

In the basic consumption and food category, basic needs products such as paper products, cleaning materials and baby diapers were in high demand. At the same time, fryers, hair trimmers and blenders stood out among small household appliances, while mobile phones and portable computers were among the other products most preferred by customers during this period.

‘Legendary November’ campaigns will continue until the end of November with Legendary Premium Days and Legendary Friday campaigns.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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