10 startups accepted into the first period of the Turkish Airlines Terminal Venture Acceleration Program

Startups accepted for the first term of the Terminal Venture Acceleration Program, initiated by Turkish Airlines to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, have been announced.

Initiatives accepted for the first term of the Terminal Venture Acceleration Program, initiated by Turkish Airlines to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, have been announced.

10 startups that develop solutions in the focus areas of Customer Experience in Travel and Aviation, Social Enterprises / Sustainability, Technologies Related to Corporate Processes, Digitalization in Marketing and Sales Channels, and New Generation Technologies were accepted into the program.

These startups are Biriktir, Invamar, Ocalis, Octopus, SegmentHub, ServisSoft, Syntonym, Utilify, Varsapp, Walkers.

How were these startups chosen?

After the evaluation of the applications on the terminal website, 28 startups that were shortlisted were invited to the jury evaluation event on March 1, 2023, where they made a presentation to the program jury consisting of Turkish Airlines experts and managers. In the evaluation made after the event, 10 startups to be invited to the program were determined.

How will the program work?

The Terminal Venture Acceleration Program will continue as a hybrid. Some activities will be conducted online, while others will be conducted face-to-face.

The current status of the startups accepted into the program and the points they need support will be determined through one-on-one interviews, and a process that progresses in line with their needs will be designed by making appropriate matches with training, in-house and ecosystem mentors, and other stakeholders of the program.

In addition, startups have the right to access opportunities for cooperation, especially with Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries, air miles / tickets, the right to participate in domestic and international events, open office, free or discounted use of solutions and services provided to startups from other business partners.

Startups accepted to Turkish Airlines Terminal GHP

Biriktir: It is a platform that measures and reports the greenhouse gas emissions of companies and individuals and supports carbon footprint reduction thanks to the gamification scheme specially designed for them in its mobile application.

Invamar: A startup that develops human-oriented clothing that increases the accessibility of technology by developing a textile-based sensor that collects data on the skin.

Ocalis: A startup producing wearable, industrial exoskeleton systems that prevent people who work in physically repetitive jobs from being exposed to musculoskeletal diseases.

Octopus: It is a SaaS software that allows you to design digital screens in all desired shapes, to create unlimited number of screen groups, to manage these screens from a single center, to work in integration with all smart devices with content management.

SegmentHub: It is a SaaS software that segments the movements of visitors to websites and mobile applications in terms of location, demographic and behavioral aspects, taking instant action and presenting the most appropriate offers to the visitors.

ServisSoft: It is a digital platform supported by artificial intelligence-based predictive analysis-maintenance and digital twin structure to increase asset and personnel efficiency in production, energy, facility management and maintenance operations.

Syntonym: It is a platform for organizations that process visual data, by anonymizing the data collected from the cameras in a lossless manner, allowing them to train AI/ML models and further data analysis in accordance with GDPR and its equivalent, without the risk of sanctions.

Utilify: It is a codeless blockchain based loyalty software application.

Varsapp: It is a platform where you can rent products from people and brands, and earn money by renting out the items you have.

Walkers: It is a health & fitness application with gamification that provides the motivation for individuals to move more and step into a healthy life, while providing the opportunity to promote their partner companies, offering Loyalty as a Service and an alternative marketing channel.

Source: Egirisim/ Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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