12 startups selected for the fourth round of the ScaleUp entrepreneurial acceleration program

The new era of Endeavor Turkiye’s entrepreneurial acceleration program “ScaleUp”, which has been organized in cooperation with P&G Turkiye for 4 years, has begun. 12 startups from different sectors participated in the program, which was organized for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and open up to global markets.

The ScaleUp Program, designed as an acceleration program for startups that have reached the growth stage, adding a different value to Turkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem in terms of its scope and target audience, aims to contribute to companies’ globalization and growth targets.

The new era of the ScaleUp program, which has been carried out by Endeavor Turkiye in cooperation with P&G Turkiye for 4 years, started with a meeting attended by entrepreneurs. With the participation of technology and internet-focused entrepreneurs who are actively operating and have an annual turnover of at least ₺10 million, workshops will be held for 5 months, one-to-one mentoring for the needs of entrepreneurs, and access to global and local networks will be offered.

Startups that were accepted into the ScaleUp Program

Startups that were accepted into the Endeavor ScaleUp Program make life easier by offering innovative solutions in different sectors.

Startups accepted into the program; Evreka, Scoundrel Mobility, Hihwell, Hoopla, Getmobil, Lumnion, Navlungo, Sanction Scanner, Shippn, Packupp, Techsign and Tiplay. More details about the companies and the program are available at

Speaking at the event held at the P&G Turkiye campus, P&G Turkiye, Caucasus and Central Asia Fabric and Home Care Commercial Operations Vice President Yetkin Tepekoylu said, “P&G is a 35-year-old company in Turkiye and 185 years old globally. We may be young in Turkiye, but we are a well-established company globally. We owe our two fundamental strengths, our innovation and research power, to be able to touch the lives of billions of people with our brands such as Gillette, Orkid, Ariel, Prima and Fairy throughout our history of nearly two centuries. In other words, innovative thinking is among P&G’s DNA, and behind today’s entrepreneurship, there is a rapidly developing digital world that can support P&G’s innovation power in different areas. From this point of view, we decided to join the board of Endeavor Turkiye years ago to step into the world of entrepreneurs. Our aim was to be a part of this ecosystem and to be able to receive new ideas from the outside world and adapt while presenting the scale of P&G to entrepreneurs. In this context, we have come together with many entrepreneurs in the past years, hosted them in our office and cooperated in various ways. For this reason, we believe that we will learn a lot from ScaleUp projects and achieve sustainable partnerships, and we are very happy to support the Scale Up project in its 4th term.”

Endeavor Secretary General Asli Committee Turkmen; “The value created by Scaleup companies for the entrepreneurial ecosystem is undeniable. As Endeavor Turkiye, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and we are proud to support the growth of many companies that stand out in the entrepreneurship world since our establishment. We believe that the ScaleUp Program, which we have conducted for the fourth time, will achieve its goal and create new success stories, both in order to enable entrepreneurs to benefit from our support earlier and systematically, and to establish valuable collaborations with PG. In this context, I would like to thank P&G, with whom we have been walking side by side for four years, and congratulate the entrepreneurs selected for the program.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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