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2+1, 3+1 Duplex Villa Type Prefabricated Houses Are Sold With Prices Starting from ₺73 Thousand With The Opportunity of 9 Installments

Those who want to build a prefabricated house continue their price research. How much are the model prefabricated house prices? Can a prefabricated house be built in installments? How much is the cost of building a prefabricated house?

Costs determine the decisions of citizens who want to build a house in Turkey about which model house to build. Reinforced concrete houses, which can be built at high costs, have recently started to be in the background. Even giant construction companies have to wait for their new projects due to high costs. In such a market environment, prefabricated houses started to see high demand. So what are the differences between having a prefabricated house built and a reinforced concrete house built?


The most obvious difference between prefabricated houses and reinforced concrete houses is in the costs. Prefabricated houses, which can be built at very low costs compared to reinforced concrete houses, are very economical. In order to build reinforced concrete houses, it is necessary to sacrifice much higher prices.

Another aspect that makes prefabricated houses advantageous is the construction period. Reinforced concrete houses can take months to build at best. However, two weeks may be sufficient for the construction of prefabricated houses. Those who take the necessary initiatives can achieve turnkey prefabricated houses in a two-week period.

One of the differences between prefabricated houses and reinforced concrete houses is the renovation and maintenance costs. Reinforced concrete houses require much higher costs to undergo renovations, but prefabricated houses can be repaired much cheaper.


Those who own enough land to build a prefabricated house wonder whether they can build a prefabricated house on these lands. In this regard, there is no difference between prefabricated houses and reinforced concrete houses. In terms of zoning, the rules that reinforced concrete houses have to comply with are also valid in prefabricated houses. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain permission from the relevant municipality to build a prefabricated house.


Those who do research on prefabricated house prices can see quite different prices. The prefabricated house market is a market with a very wide price range. Different prices can be seen due to variables such as the material used, the manufacturing company, the city to be installed, transportation and assembly costs. Also, when special projects come into play, prefabricated house prices can take place in a very wide band range. Those who want to build a prefabricated house should take action after doing comprehensive and comparative price research.

We will examine the prices of some prefabricated house models of the companies that make prefabricated houses over the internet as an example in our news. These prices are average prices and may vary from company to company. The final decision should be made, taking into account that it is the average price.

prefabrik ev fiyatları 1-2

According to the information in the first advertisement, a 2+1 duplex villa type prefabricated house with a size of 100 square meters can be built for ₺155 thousand on a turnkey basis. For the 134 square meters 3+1 duplex prefabricated house, ₺203 thousand is requested as a turnkey price.

prefabrik ev fiyatları 2-3

According to the published advertisements, the turnkey price of the 49 square meters prefabricated house was determined as $73 thousand. In the other option, a 92 square meter 2+1 duplex prefabricated house is sold for ₺133 thousand.

A 42 square meter prefabricated house with a size of 2+1 and an outer wall covered with betopan is sold for ₺81 thousand. In addition, a price of ₺97 thousand was determined for the sample prefabricated house of 28 square meters.

There is no need to make an advance payment when purchasing a prefabricated house. With the campaigns organized by the companies, it is possible to own a prefabricated house with monthly installments between ₺8.000 and ₺11.000.

Source: / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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