212 Takes Action for Early Stage Startups with Simya GSYF

Directing Turkiye’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, 212 established a venture capital investment fund called Simya with Neo Portfolio in line with its goal of investing in early stage startups.

Joining forces with Alchemist, one of the best B2B early stage accelerator programs in the world, as well as 212 and Neo Portfolio, Simya GSYF will become an international accelerator fund established in Turkiye.

212, which has been leading the entrepreneurship ecosystem for more than 10 years, has received approval from the CMB for the Simya venture capital investment fund, which has been implemented with Neo Portfolio in line with its goal of investing in early stage startups. In addition to the experience, wide network and access to investment opportunities of Simya GSYF 212, and portfolio management services to be provided by Neo Portfolio, Alchemist, the world’s best B2B early stage acceleration program, will enable early stage startups to open up to international markets.

“We will ensure that early stage startups in Turkiye are quickly opened to the global market”

Stating that they are the investor of Simya GSYF, which was established to close an important gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkiye, 212 Co-founder Numan Numan said: “The aim of Simya is to increase the investments to be made in early stage startups. As 212, we became an investor of Simya GSYF in order to fill an important gap for early stage entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkiye. Thanks to Simya GSYF, we will share our investment experience of more than 10 years with early stage entrepreneurs and create new success stories that will open up to the global market. With Simya GSYF, we focus on three key points when investing in early stage startups. In this context, we designed a fast, transparent and innovative investment process. Alchemist, one of the best accelerator programs in the world, has a very special role in our strategy. With this strong structure, Simya GSYF, which focuses on early stage startups with innovative technology and B2B business model, will be a sustainable and strong investment fund for the ecosystem in a short time.”

Simya GSYF will sell fund shares to qualified investors who comply with the definition of qualified investor and meet the necessary conditions in the Communique on Principles Regarding Venture Capital Investment Funds of the Capital Markets Board.

About 212:

212 invests in growing technology companies in Turkiye, Central and Eastern Europe and the MENA region. With €86 million worth of management assets and 28 investments in total, 212 finances B2B technology solutions that are an important driver, have achieved a significant harmony between product and market and are ready to grow on a global scale.

About Simya GSYF:

With the experience of 212, portfolio management services to be provided by Neo Portfolio Management Inc., and Alchemist’s expertise in accelerating startups, one of the world’s best B2B early stage accelerators, Alchemist aims to become the leading early stage startups investor in the ecosystem.

About Neo Portfolio:

Neo Portfolio, founded in 2018 by an experienced team, is an independent portfolio management company specialized in securities, real estate and venture capital investment funds, subject to the regulation and control of the Turkish Capital Markets Board.

About Alchemist Accelerator:

Alchemist is a startup accelerator founded in San Francisco in 2012. By supporting early stage startups with solutions for corporate customers (B2B), it enables startups to open up to international markets and receive investment.

Source: Girisimhaberleri / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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