212, which invested €13 million in 7 startups in 2022, establishes a new fund of €70 million

212, one of the investment companies that steer Turkiye’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, successfully left the year 2022 behind.

212, which invests in B2B startups targeting the international market, provided a total of €13 million to 7 startups last year. Sharing its global and local experiences in areas needed by startups for more than 10 years, 212 aims to establish the third fund of €70 million in the first half of this year.

Pioneering Turkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem for 12 years, 212 continues to support startups end-to-end. 212, which invested €13 million in 7 startups in 2022 with its follow-up investments, has thus managed €86 million since its establishment and invested in 28 startups. Attending more than 100 events in 12 different countries last year, 212 contacted more than 1500 startups from 90 different countries. 212, of which 75% of its investment flow is made up of international companies, is preparing to establish its third fund in the first half of this year.

“We will establish the third fund of €70 million in the first half of the year”

Making an assessment on the subject, 212 Co-founder Numan Numan said, “As 212, we are very happy to complete a year in which uncertainty in the country’s economies around the world continued without slowing down in investments. In 2023, we will continue to accompany the journey of startups both with our experience and by providing resources. In 2023, we will play an active role in accelerating startups in the global arena. We aim to invest in 10 startups in 2023 with Simya GSYF, which was established under the roof of 212 in order to fill an important gap for early stage entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkiye. In addition, with the third fund of 212, we will continue to invest in startups operating in Turkiye, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa Region without slowing down in 2023. We, as 212, have full confidence that we will create new success stories in the future with the strength we derive from the work we have been doing for 12 years.”

In the portfolio of 212; Active startups include 123 From Builder, AppSamurai, Artboard Studio, Avatao, Bolt Insight, Chooch, More, HotelRunner, Mall IQ, Seagull, Metrobi, Insider, OMMA, SmartMessage, Solvoyo, Trio Mobil and Wellbees.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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