$23 million for the transfer price of MOOV to Getir

Anadolu Group stated that they estimated the total cost of the transfer of MOOV to Getir to be approximately $23 million.

It was stated that the approximate cost of the share purchase in MOOV, one of Getir’s recent moves, is $23 million.

They made the statement to Anadolu Group Public Disclosure Platform.

The following statements were included in the statement:

“In our PDP statement made on 19.08.2021, it was stated that a non-binding agreement was reached for the sale of 75% of the shares representing the capital of Moov Digital Transportation Solutions Trading Inc. (MOOV), the hourly car rental company that is a 100% subsidiary of our subsidiary Celik Motor Trading Inc., to Getir Retail Logistics Inc., and the necessary processes regarding the relevant share transfer were initiated.

In this framework, the Competition Board’s permission has been obtained for the share transfer, and binding transfer and partnership agreements have been signed by the parties.

As stated in our PDP statement on 19.08.2021, According to the agreement reached by the parties, the transfer price of 75% of the shares representing the capital of MOOV will be calculated by netting the assets and liabilities of the instruments in the balance sheet of the MOOV on the closing date, over the amount of $16.000.000, and adding/subtracting 75% of the amount to be calculated.

As a result of this calculation, it is estimated that the transfer price of the total share will be around $23.000.000., but the exact amount will be determined on the date of the completion of the transfer process.

It is aimed to complete the transfer process as soon as possible.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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