241 thousand vehicles were produced in 7 months in Bursa

In Bursa, which hosts automotive companies, 241 thousand 48 vehicles were produced in the 7 months of this year. While the average daily production in Bursa was 1147 vehicles, more than half of the production was exported.

According to the information compiled from the Automotive Industry Association (OSD) data, 770 thousand 279 vehicles, including tractors, were manufactured in Turkiye in 7 months of the year.

Ford Otosan, established in Kocaeli, was the company with the highest production volume in Turkiye with 224 thousand 255 units. Operating in Bursa in the January-July period, TOFAS ranked second by manufacturing 141,886 cars and light commercial vehicles.

In this process, Toyota reached 131 thousand 719, Hyundai Assan 124 thousand 700 and OYAK Renault 98 thousand 815 vehicle production figures.

While the number of vehicles unloaded from the daily line was 3 thousand 668, the daily production in Bursa was 1147.

More than half of the production in Bursa were exported

In the 7 months of this year, 536 thousand 714 units, which corresponds to 69.67% of automotive production, were exported, resulting in foreign exchange inflow of $10 billion 241 million 431 thousand.

Ford Otosan, which realizes the highest production throughout the country, ranked first in exports with 174 thousand 690. Second place Hyundai Assan exported 107 thousand 792, third Toyota 104 thousand 105, fourth TOFAS 67 thousand 438 and fifth OYAK Renault 62 thousand 288 vehicles.

While Karsan, established in Bursa, contributed to foreign sales with 106 vehicles in January-July, a total of 129,832 vehicles were exported from the city in a 7-month period.

While more than half of the production in Bursa was sent abroad, the contribution of OYAK Renault, TOFAS and Karsan to Turkiye’s total vehicle exports was 24.19%.

Bursa’s daily export sales amounted to approximately 618.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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