3D robotics supply chain startup Attabotics received an investment of $71.7 million

Attabotics, which develops supply chain solutions for modern business understanding, received an investment of $71.7 million in the Series C investment round.

Attabotics, which created the world’s first 3D robotic supply chain system, received an investment of $71.7 million in the Series C investment round. The tour was led by Export Development Canada and with the participation of the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board. To date, the venture has received a total investment of $165.1 million.

Founded in 2015, Attabotics offers the world’s first supply chain solution for modern commerce. The startup’s all-in-one automated fulfillment system condenses a typical warehouse by creating a single vertical storage structure. Inside the structure, robotic devices known as Attabots move in three dimensions to retrieve products that are presented to workers at the outer perimeter workstation.

Attabotics’ unique architecture reduces a retailer’s required warehouse needs by up to 85% and maximizes the flexibility and speed of warehouse processes. This reduction of space allows Attabotics customers to locate warehouses near cities for faster delivery times. As consumer expectations continue to rise, Attabotics offers a solution to the ongoing warehouse labor shortage while helping customers adapt to this increase.

“From day one, we aim to revolutionize the existing supply chain system by providing retailers with a fast, sustainable and ultra-modern model to meet customer needs,” said Scott Gravelle, founder and CEO of Attabotics. Building the software and hardware needed to solve the global supply chain challenge is a huge undertaking. This new investment, with the support of our investors and team, will allow us to scale our technology and double our commitment to best practice.”

With the investment, the startup plans to expand its operations by increasing the number of employees.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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