$402 million were obtained from dried apricot exports

Malatya Commodity Exchange Chairman Ramazan Ozcan stated that last year, $402 million were obtained from the export of 76 thousand 355 tons of dried apricots.

At the press conference he held at the stock exchange building, Ozcan stated that they left behind a productive year in terms of income in exports and said, “In December, we exported 10 thousand 47 tons of dried apricots, and we achieved an income of $50 million 908 thousand. For the first time in the history of the Republic, we achieved an income of $402 million in return for the export of 76 thousand 355 tons of dried apricots in 2022.

Stating that in addition to dried apricots, apricot kernels are exported, the produced apricots and kernels are also consumed in the domestic market, Ozcan said:

“We have generated an income of approximately $500 million together with the consumption in the core and domestic market. Dried apricots are an important product for our country and the region. Our President announced, when we look at the export figures on a yearly basis, there is an increase of approximately 13%. Dried apricot export revenues increased by more than 15%. These figures both give us hope and make us happy.”

Reminding that licensed warehousing has started in dried apricots, Ozcan said that they plan to turn apricot into an investment tool by integrating licensed warehousing with the Turkish Product Specialization Exchange and Electronic Sales System.

Pointing out that dried apricots have an important place in Turkiye’s exports of agricultural products, Ozcan said, “Dried apricots are the export champion of dried fruit in their group. More investment, export and income targets in apricots should never be put before the public.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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