7 startups that were selected for the sixth term of Albaraka Garage

The 6th Term Pre-Acceleration Program organized by Albaraka Garage, the world’s first startup acceleration center in the field of participation banking, was completed with the Demoday event. Following the evaluations made within the scope of the event, Catchpad, Coredinat, Egaranti, Helorobo,, Postuby and TalentoSound initiatives were accepted into the Albaraka Garage Acceleration Program.

Albaraka Turk continues its activities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with Albaraka Garage, which it established to support innovative projects. The results of the 6th Term Acceleration Program of Albaraka Garage, the world’s first startup acceleration center in the field of participation banking, were announced after the Demoday event. This year, seven startups in total qualified to participate in the program.

A total of thirteen entrepreneurs had the opportunity to make presentations at the Demoday event held in December, in which the senior management of Albaraka Turk and partner companies took part. As a result of the evaluations, it was decided to continue the Albaraka Garage 6th Term Acceleration Program with seven initiatives. The startups that were eligible to participate in the acceleration program were Catchpad, Coredinat, Egaranti, Helorobo,, Postuby and TalentoSound. Gokido, one of the startups, won the Special Jury Award and achieved product purchase commitment.

“As Albaraka Turk, we continue with seven initiatives”

Albaraka Turk Deputy General Manager for Strategy and Transformation, Dr. Omer Emec, stating that they continue their activities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with Albaraka Turk’s startup acceleration center Albaraka Garage, he emphasized that they continue to support the startup world in Turkiye in many ways with Albaraka Garage, which has entered its 6th term this year.

Making statements at the Demoday event, Emec said:

“We had the opportunity to listen to thirteen startups participating in the Albaraka Garage Pre-Acceleration Program as part of the Demoday event we organized. After consultations with our team and stakeholders, we decided to continue with seven initiatives. We believe that by working in cooperation with entrepreneurs, we will expand their enterprises and take important steps for the sector. As Albaraka Turk, we will continue to take steps towards the needs of startups participating in the acceleration program and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the light of our previous experiences.”

The new era initiatives of Albaraka Garage, which supported ten innovative initiatives last year, are as follows:

  • CatchPad: It is a new-generation activity platform that supports physical and mental development with the help of gamified interactive activities that encourage people to take action with its wireless Pads with light, sound notification and mobile application.
  • Coredinat: It is a new-generation sales personnel tracking software that increases sales performance at measurable levels with artificial intelligence support and location verification and enables companies to manage their sales activities with maximum efficiency.
  • Egaranti: It is a web application that offers cloud-based solutions so that consumers can control their warranty processes on a single screen, while companies accelerate their after-sales services and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Helorobo: It is a social media commerce platform that integrates with e-commerce sites and provides all processes from product selection to payment in a user-friendly manner within popular channels such as Whatsapp, Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.
  • It is a new generation hybrid event technology that increases the interaction and participant experience of the participants participating in the event -both online and physically- with its artificial intelligence-supported B2B matchmaking feature.
  • Postuby: It is a practical social media content production platform supported by artificial intelligence that eliminates the problem of creating and sharing social media content for micro-enterprises.
  • TalentoSound: It is an alternative therapy method in which tailor-made concerts are presented with the help of bone conduction headphones to children with disorders such as attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, autism and learning difficulties.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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