9 startups that were accepted into the eighth term of Lonca Entrepreneurship Center

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Turk in 2017 to support technology-oriented and scalable business ideas, has graduated 73 entrepreneurial teams so far. 9 startups were accepted to the incubation program in the eighth period of the Lonca, which supports startups in many areas such as training, mentoring, multi-location incubation, R&D and API, which lasts for 6 months, especially with cash grants.

Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Turk in 2017 with the aim of revealing and supporting innovative ideas, continues to develop our country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and support entrepreneurs. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which received nearly 3,000 applications and graduated 73 startups in the intervening period, quickly became one of the most effective incubation centers and startup acceleration programs in Turkiye.

$80 thousand grant support, $25 thousand investment opportunity

Lonca, which provides grant support to entrepreneurs that they can use in product development processes and emergency expenses, has provided entrepreneurs with more than ₺2.5 million in cash grants so far. With the new period, the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center has increased its cash grant support to startups to ₺80 thousand, and provides ₺25 thousand to the startups accepted to the incubation program, ₺25 thousand to the startups that regularly continue the program and additional ₺30 thousand to the startups that are eligible to participate in DemoDay. Lonca also contributes to startups in many areas such as 6 months of training, project-based mentoring, incubation service, R&D support of ₺20 thousand for entrepreneurs who develop devices, APIs especially for FinTechs, and special mentoring in this regard. Startups with ready-made products are also offered the opportunity to cooperate with Kuveyt Turk.

9 startups and fields of activity that were accepted to the incubation program in the eighth period of Lonca:

  • Agriverts: It is a high-tech startup that develops artificial intelligence-based remote sensing, computerized analysis and control systems for greenhouses and vertical farming facilities.
  • Harcy: It is a startup that produces more affordable, health-friendly and environmentally friendly building facade thermal insulation materials through recycling from textile wastes.
  • Microhobist: It is a startup that produces a sustainable postbiotic plant growth product, inspired by the ecological cycle, at the same time revitalizing unproductive soils in order to be able to farm safely in the future.
  • Pooly: A mobile application with artificial intelligence and deep learning integration that allows people traveling on the same route, with and without a vehicle, to reach together.
  • Qpien: It is a cloud-based omni-channel customer communication and automation platform designed for businesses that enables businesses to easily manage customer messages, comments and customer inquiries from marketplaces in all popular channels such as LiveChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, SMS or even E-mail from a single screen.
  • RateMe: Develops artificial intelligence-supported solutions where fashion brands and marketplaces can generate and benefit from high-value data at every stage of their e-commerce processes in order to increase their sales, improve their efficiency and enable them to scale.
  • Robeff: A technology company that develops electric driverless delivery robots suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It offers solutions for mid and last-kilometer delivery processes with its advanced autonomous driving algorithm and functional design.
  • Scoutify: It is a platform where companies that want to add the best talents to their team and talent scouts who offer the most suitable candidates for the position and company culture meet.
  • Wearintels: It is an startup that aims to reduce labor/worker costs, increase the speed of production/logistics activities and increase occupational safety by digitizing stock, production, assembly and distribution processes carried out in the field of industry and logistics with smart systems.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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