90% export from Sakarya Botanical Valley

90% of 16,500 tons of aromatic and medicinal plants produced last year in Sakarya Botanical Valley, established by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, were sold abroad.

According to the statement made by the municipality, medicinal and aromatic plants harvested in 2022 in the valley to the north of the city were offered to the domestic and international markets as part of the works to produce pioneering projects in agriculture and to cultivate the soil efficiently.

Approximately 1 million 700 thousand plants of 15 varieties were harvested from the 62-kilometer production line in a single line.

A total of 284 thousand lavender, 383 thousand rosemary, 168 thousand sage, 81 thousand rose hips, 537 thousand valerian, 4 thousand 800 lemongrass and 210 thousand thyme were grown in the valley, and approximately 16 thousand 500 kilograms of products were harvested.

While 90% of these products are exported to companies around the world that provide purchase guarantee, 10% is reserved for Sifa Evleri offices in the city.

In addition, the plants processed in the Metropolitan Municipality Laboratory were transformed into oil, plant sap, tea, soap, cologne, cream, candle and lotion.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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