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A campaign to “set an upper limit on rent prices in Turkey” was launched

A campaign “to set an upper limit on rents” was launched on the Internet. However, professional chambers say, “It is not possible when there is a free market economy”. It is said that different measures may be taken by Turkey.

There has been a great increase in rental flat prices in Turkey in recent months. Especially in big cities like Istanbul, people have serious problems in finding affordable housing. After the rent prices increased by nearly one hundred% across Turkey, the “there should be an upper limit on rents” campaign was launched on

In the campaign, which was signed by 75 thousand people in a short time, “Rent housing prices have increased very rapidly in the last year. While living in pandemic conditions became more and more difficult, the increase in salaries quickly ended in the face of inflation. While citizens are experiencing great employment and income losses, average rents have reached the minimum wage limits for the last few months, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Eskisehir. The main reason for the rents increasing day by day is that the rental and sale of housing is left completely at the mercy of the free market. We remind you that housing is a public right.”


Nizamettin Asa, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Realtors, made the following evaluations about the campaign, increasing rent prices and the absence of rental houses:

“When there is a free-market economy, it is not possible to say ‘Let’s set an upper limit on rents’. You cannot stand up and say to anyone, ‘You give your goods at this price, and you at this price’. What will be the upper limit? However, different measures can be taken by Turkey. Landlords have the right to file a rent determination lawsuit at the end of 5 years. At the end of 5 years, the landlord can sue because the rent is low in accordance with the conditions of the day and ask for a raise in accordance with the conditions of the day. At the end of the 10th year, he has the right to evict you. He files an eviction lawsuit without giving any reason.

These two actions have been taken too much by homeowners lately. The owners are now chasing it. The state can extend this period by enacting a temporary law. For example, it can reduce the 5-year period to 10 years and the 10-year period to 15 years. But let them know that this is a temporary period. It will not go like this, my claim is that these rents will decrease in 2 years.”


We have provinces that are more difficult to find a house than Istanbul. For example, Mersin and Diyarbakir are more troubled than Istanbul. People can find a home if they can afford a little distance. The options do not end in Istanbul. But if you always say ‘I want to live in Besiktas’, it is a problem. If you say ‘I can find a house for this price’ in Sisli, Kadikoy, Besiktas, you will not find it. Because now there is a market here. I don’t see any serious problems for students in central places either. We can say that it is a nuisance for families and newlyweds couples. But 3 people can unite and rent a house. Students can unite and find a house in a central place for rent of ₺5 thousand. Water electricity etc. The cost for a student is ₺2 thousand. More convenient than private dormitories.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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