A gong ceremony was held for the public offering of Esenboga Power

The public offering of Esenboga Power Production Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Natural Renewable Energy Trade Inc., took place with a gong ceremony in BIST.

Dr. Korkmaz Enes Ergun, the deputy general manager of Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST), Cem Gocmen, the vice chairman and manager of Natural Energy and Yusuf Senel, the board chairman of Natural Energy attended the ceremony.

Ergun expressed his satisfaction in the ceremony by saying:

‘’ We have realized our 5th public offering with Esenboga Power Inc. this year, and with the 5th public offering, we have provided approximately 350 million liras to our companies and partners this year. Esenboga Power carried out a successful public offering with a value of 204 million liras and sales to approximately 250 thousand investors.

This is also the first time we have realized the practice of meeting and distributing the incoming requests with the registration number of Central Registry Agency (CRA).’’

’We will continue our work by accelerating our investments in the solar sector.’’

Yusuf Senel, the board chairman of Natural Energy pointed out that it was a proud day for them and reminded that they offered Naturel Energy, the first and only traded solar company in BIST, to the public last year.

Senel stated that Esenboga Power successfully completed the same process this year and made the following evaluations:

‘’We became the second solar company to be traded in BIST. When we founded our company 11 years ago, we could not imagine that we would come to these days. We have always believed and trusted in the potential and power of our country and continued our investments at full speed. 250 thousand investors participated in our public offering with a demand of 1 billion 337 million liras. We are aware that our responsibilities are increasing even more. We will continue to work by speeding up our investments in the solar sector. ‘’

‘’Turkey is not poor in energy.’’

Cem Gocmen, the vice chairman and manager of Natural Energy pointed out that it was their fortune to come to the Istanbul Stock Exchange as the second solar company, and shared their satisfaction. Gocmen emphasized that it has been discussed for years whether Turkey has energy sources and said:

‘’ Turkey was called ‘energy poor’ but we are no longer energy poor, we have an endless source of solar energy and the sun is now the cheapest technology in the world at today’s costs. 48 percent of the power plants established in the world last year are solar power plants and 25 percent are wind power plants. The sum of these two is 73 percent, and these resources are unlimited. Therefore, we are ready to reduce energy imports, current account deficit and contribute to employment. We have solar energy, an infinite power behind us. We have nothing less than other countries, even more.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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