Akakce announces banayeni: A second-hand marketplace application

The first marketplace application banayeni, which was established by akakce and prepared entirely for the second-hand market, has just been announced.

Since 2006, Turkiye’s price comparison shopping site akakce has launched banayeni, a brand new marketplace for consumers where they can do their second-hand shopping quickly, safely and at the right price.

Right Price Technology

Founded with the aim of being the first marketplace exclusively for second-hand products, banayeni is more than simply a platform where second-hand products are offered, and it offers the seller and the buyer the opportunity and convenience to be informed about the right price, with the smart ‘akakce technology’ in its background. Banayeni, which allows sellers to suggest the estimated current value of the second-hand product they want to sell and make the pricing accordingly, provides the buyers the opportunity to compare by showing the current zero price of the product offered for sale and similar second-hand product prices. Thus, the seller can easily determine the right price and sell quickly, and the buyer can be sure that he is buying at the right price.

Fast Payment to Sellers

banayeni also makes a special effort to make the sales transactions between the seller and the buyer fast and secure for new second-hand products. With the exception of public holidays or extraordinary circumstances, banayeni, which undertakes to make the payment of the seller within 3 days after the sale is made and the product is received by the buyer, offers both fast sales and fast collection opportunities to the sellers.

No Negative Surprises For Neither Buyer Nor Seller

Banayeni sellers can send all their products to all over Turkiye with contracted cargo companies for only ₺19.90, without making this payment at the time of transaction. Thus, while the shipping cost is no longer a negative surprise for the buyer, the seller’s shipping costs are also supported.

On the other hand, other than a fixed 6.90% + VAT commission, no fees, contribution fees, etc. are charged to the sellers under any other name. Thus, sellers can perform their commercial calculations very easily and without any negative surprises.

akakce founder Koray Karatas made the following statements about banayeni, which he is the founder of:

“In the global conjuncture, which has evolved from the ‘sharing economy’ to the ‘circular economy’ after the pandemic, it is becoming more and more important and popular to reintroduce products that have not yet completed their useful life to the economy, either directly or by renewing them. Not only economically, but also in terms of protecting the world’s ecological future by preventing/reducing material use, energy consumption and waste. On the other hand, this process is closely followed by the administration of our country and is organized faster and earlier than in many countries of the world.

As akakce, in this process, which is in line with our mission of bringing the consumer together with the right product, the right seller and the right price since 2006, At the end of 2021, we decided to establish Turkiye’s first ‘Banayeni Second Hand’ marketplace and rolled up our sleeves. Our website is currently live, limited to the Electronic product group. In the first half of 2023, we plan to launch our mobile applications as well.

We invite everyone to shop at banayeni in order to protect both their pockets and the future of the world.”

Banayeni General Manager and Board Member Cenk Angin said, “We will know how to break the ground while blending our marketplace experience gained during GittiGidiyor/eBay Turkiye period with akakce’s e-commerce experience of more than 15 years in Turkiye. We implemented banayeni in a period of 6 months, with a great team that is small and has great energy. Now, we want to contribute to the pockets of consumers and the ecological future of the world, while rapidly growing banayeni.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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