Altinay Defense Technologies Strengthens Turkish Stock Exchange with Defense Industry Growth

Altinay Defense Technologies, which stands out in the field of robot technologies and system integration, is added to the Turkish defense industry companies traded on Borsa Istanbul.

Turkish defense industry companies aim to carry their success in their fields of activity to the financial markets and continue their development with the gains there. Financial markets and investors are also interested in this journey of defense industry companies.

Finally, Altinay Defense Technologies, which develops projects and products for defense technologies with its engineering experience of more than a quarter of a century, received approval from the Capital Markets Board (CMB) for public offering.

In the public offering of Altinay Defense Technologies, TSKB will act as the consortium leader, and Ziraat Investment and Investment Financing will act as consortium co-leaders.

The public offering size of Altinay Defense Technologies, whose unit share price is determined as ₺32, is expected to be approximately ₺1.9 billion, and the free float rate is expected to be 25%. Within the scope of the public offering, 58 million 823 thousand 530 nominal shares will be offered for sale.

Altinay Defense Technologies: Pioneering Technology Across Air, Land, and Sea

Altinay Defense Technologies; carries out projects that will design the future in the fields of motion control systems, unmanned systems, naval systems, weapon systems, ammunition disposal and critical production systems. The company, which undertakes the contracting of critical projects by offering products and technologies to public and private sector stakeholders at home and abroad, implements the priority technologies needed by Turkiye, especially the Turkish Armed Forces, with the high added value it creates.

Altinay Defense Technologies, with more than 10 million hours of accumulated R&D experience in robotics, machinery, software, electrical and electronic engineering, automotive body production technologies, energy storage, defense, and aviation, is involved in various projects crucial for Turkiye such as the Altay Tank, national combat aircraft KAAN, and national ship MILGEM. The company continues to enhance its capabilities and resources towards becoming a global player, alongside the public offering process.

From UAVs to KAAN

DASAL Aviation Technologies, founded by Altinay Defense Technologies in 2019 to implement all stages from conceptual design to production and integration of rotary-wing UAVs, continues its activities in partnership with Altinay Defense and ASELSAN.

TAAC Aviation Technologies, another subsidiary of the company and established in partnership with TAI in 2019, carries out studies on domestic and national development of critical flight control systems, landing gear systems and test systems at aviation standards. Acting as the main contractor in the landing gear project developed for the national combat aircraft KAAN, TAAC is on its way to becoming a global player by expanding into the foreign market.

Production capability will increase with the new facility

Altinay Defense Technologies, which produces domestic and national solutions with its turnkey solutions, technological products and critical subsystems for land, sea and air platforms, aims to increase its contribution to Turkiye’s defense industry and national security.

The company continues its efforts to improve its production capabilities in Turkiye’s defense sector with its new facility with a closed area of 12,500 square meters designed for the defense and aerospace industry in the Kocaeli Dilovasi Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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