Annual producer prices up 31.2% in EU, 30.8% in eurozone in October

Energy sector sees largest change in producer prices, Eurostat says

Annual producer prices increased 30.8% in the euro area and 31.2% in the EU in October.

The monthly changes were at minus 2.9% and minus 2.5% in the eurozone and the EU, respectively, Eurostat said on Friday.

On an annual basis, the highest changes were seen in the energy sector with 65.8%, followed by intermediate goods and non-durable consumer goods with 17.4%, and 16%, respectively, in the euro area.

In the EU, energy prices rose by 67%, intermediate goods prices by 17.6% and non-durable consumer goods prices by 17.1%.

“The highest annual increases in industrial producer prices were recorded in Hungary (68.0%), Slovakia (59.3%) and Latvia (57.9%),” while the only decrease was observed in Ireland with minus 17.2%.


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