Antalya Welcomes Guests in 812 Hotels, Including 418 5-Star Properties, This Year

Antalya, which hosts millions of tourists every year, this year hosts its guests in a total of 812 hotels, 418 of which are 5-star, with different concepts and architectures.

Antalya, which was visited by more than 16 million foreign tourists last year and broke a new record this year, stands out with its hotels with high quality and rich activities.

The tourism city of Antalya hosts guests from all over the world in its 5-star hotels that combine thematic architecture and luxury.

Antalya, whose tourism story began with the first touristic accommodation facility that came into operation approximately 70 years ago, today has a total of 812 hotels, 418 of which are 5-star, 218 of which are 4-star, and 46 holiday villages with 5 and 4-star concepts. The bed capacity in the city increased to 648 thousand 285, of which 450 thousand 138 were 5 and 4 star.

Antalya is ready for 17 million tourists with its facilities

Antalya Governor Hulusi Sahin told the AA correspondent that the tourism season started early this year.

Reminding that approximately 23 million local and foreign tourists had a holiday in Antalya last year, Sahin stated that they started this year with an increase of approximately 15% compared to last year.

Stating that the highest number of European tourists came to Antalya this year, Sahin said, “While Antalya was generally dominated by Russians, now Europeans have taken the lead. For example, according to the latest data, German tourists are in first place. We see increases in the British and Polish population compared to the previous year, with figures as high as 10%, 12%, 15%. This actually makes us happy because the basket is diversifying.”

Expressing that there have been positive developments in the duration of stay and spending amounts of tourists in Antalya, Sahin noted that the people of Antalya, especially the tourism sector, are happy this year.

Emphasizing that the number of foreign tourists in Antalya this year is aimed to exceed 17 million and that the tourism facilities in the city are ready for this, Sahin said, “Antalya is a city with a tourist bed capacity of around 650 thousand. It is more than the total of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth provinces in Turkiye. Of this 650 thousand bed capacity, 400 thousand are 5-star hotels. These are amazing numbers, in fact, Antalya alone has the same number as most countries that are ambitious in tourism.”

Governor Sahin emphasized that the hotels are in a very good position in terms of quality service. Stating that guests are served in very luxurious and clean hotels, Sahin said, “The concept feature of our hotels has increased recently. We have golf hotels, and the number of bicycle-friendly hotels is increasing rapidly. We have hotels with football fields, tennis courts and stadiums for sports tourism. With these opportunities, Antalya differentiates itself positively from other cities and countries.”

Stating that Turkiye is the third country in the world according to the number of blue flags it has, Sahin added that approximately half of the 550 blue flag beaches in Turkiye are in Antalya.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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