Applications are open for the new term of the Ideathon Idea Contest: Prize of ₺25 thousand for the first place

University students who want to participate in the competition with a prize of ₺50 thousand can make their applications through the Kuveyt Turk Intellectual Platform until December 8th.

Applications for the new term have started to be accepted for the Ideathon Idea Contest organized by Kuveyt Turk for university students.

According to Kuveyt Turk’s statement, the bank is organizing the Ideathon Idea Contest for the third time this year in order to support the development of university students and to contribute to the generation of ideas for the banking of the future.

In the new period, answering the question: ‘What kind of savings, investment, payment and financing solutions can we offer as a youth bank?’ Students will be able to apply through the Kuveyt Turk Idea Platform until 8 December for the competition where their innovative and original ideas will be sought.

In the third period of the competition, new ideas can be presented on issues such as involving young people in the income and savings cycle, providing innovative content and services to young investors, providing financial consultancy services to young people, and providing solutions to their payment and financing problems.

Ideas that offer financing solutions for students or entrepreneurs are also included in the competition. Students are expected to develop application ideas that encourage young people to save and save.

‘We believe that young people can breathe new life into banking with different perspectives’

In the statement, Kuveyt Turk Strategy and Innovation Group Manager Dr. Selman Ortakoy stated that they will hold the Ideathon Idea Contest for university students on the Fikrinn Platform for the first time.

Noting that they attach great importance to the development and implementation of innovative ideas produced by young people, Ortakoy made the following statements:

It is very valuable for young people to be included in the financial ecosystem, to develop and contribute to this ecosystem with their innovative ideas. In the new term of Ideathon, we are looking for answers to the question ‘What kind of savings, investment, payment and financing solutions can we offer as a youth bank’ with young people. Young people can create a new product, service, model or concept for their peers or develop existing products and services.

We leave the choice to our youth. We believe that our young people will bring a new breath to banking with their different perspectives and original ideas. We invite all our young people to compete in order to create a better future together.’

Prize of ₺25 thousand for the first place

Kuveyt Turk will make a preliminary evaluation after the applications are completed and the finalists will be announced on 14 December. Then, the finalists will meet with mentors and receive design thinking training.

The contestants, who will act together with the mentors, will project their ideas and solution proposals and present them to the jury members until the final on 24 December. At the end of the competition, a cash prize of ₺25 thousand will be presented to the first place, ₺15 thousand to the second and ₺10 thousand to the third. Each member of the top 10 finalist teams will be able to participate in the interview simulation and evaluation upon request. In addition, surprise gifts will be given to the finalists.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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