Artificial Intelligence Will Now Function as Human Memory

A US-based technology firm has designed an artificial intelligence that can function as a human memory. Here are the details!

With each passing day, artificial intelligence causes us to surprise humanity and ask ethical questions. A new artificial intelligence developed by the US-based technology firm Heyday can be integrated into human memory. According to experts, human memory weakened by the internet will be strengthened with the help of new artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, some people also have ethical problems with integrating artificial intelligence into human memory. There are those who think that this situation can take away some of the features that make a person human.

Will Follow What People Pay More Attention to

The Internet is the leading means of obtaining information today. Naturally, the sources of many information stored in people’s memories can be stored in programs such as internet browsers. However, the difference of the artificial intelligence developed by Heyday from other internet archive applications will be to determine what people focus on more.

Accordingly, Heyday artificial intelligence will have functions such as time to read paragraphs and keyword tracking,as well as links that people click.

Heyday CEO Samiur Rahman states that it will originally be geared towards developing skills such as creative thinking and analysis, rather than recall.

Some human science experts, on the other hand, state that the brain should be kept healthy and working continuously, just like the body, and think that our memory ability, which has already weakened for the last 20 years, will become much worse with projects similar to Heyday’s.


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