ATO President Baran: Ankara signed the highest figure in its history with $11 billion 584 million of exports in 2022

Gursel Baran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATO, said, “According to the export figures on a provincial basis, Ankara achieved an export of $11 billion 584 million in 2022, the highest figure in its history and took the fifth place again.”

Baran, in his written statement, evaluated the progress made in the exports of the capital.

Stating that Ankara started to attack in exports by erasing the traces of the epidemic, Baran stated that the city achieved the highest figure in its history by exporting $11 billion 584 million in 2022, according to the export figures on the basis of provinces, and placed in the fifth place again.

Baran reminded that Ankara, which ranked fifth on a provincial basis with an export of $8 billion 303 million in 2019, fell to the sixth place in 2020 with $7 billion 766 million. Baran stated that although this level increased to $9 billion 321 million last year, the capital continued to rank in the sixth place, “Exporters carried our city up in terms of both numbers and rankings with their success this year.”

Baran pointed out that, on a sectoral basis, Ankara’s exports of chemicals and products, machinery and accessories, automotive industry, mining products, electricity and electronics and steel are at the forefront.

USA ranks first in exports

When looking at the countries to which Ankara exports, Baran stated that the USA ranks first with $1 billion 99 million, followed by China with $809 million and Germany with $768 million. He stated that after Germany, Bulgaria, Iraq, Italy, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and France follow.

Emphasizing that exporters from the capital have written success stories by exporting to more than 200 countries and regions of the world, Baran said:

“Our Ankara contributes to the development of our country’s industry with its high technology and value-added production potential. Recently, the number of enterprises operating in the field of advanced technology, especially in the defense industry, has increased in the capital. 6 of the 11 defense and aerospace industry companies among the top 500 companies are located in Ankara. The capital Ankara, with its export price per kilogram, is well above Turkiye’s average of $1.5.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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