Providing unique services is the key for year-long tourism in ski resorts

Tourists are always on lookout for unique destinations, says head of Austrian tourism company

Winter resorts should focus on their strengths instead of being “everybody’s darling” to become yearlong tourism destinations, an Austria-based tourism company head said Friday.

Tourists are always on the lookout for a unique destination, said Johannes Triebnik, head of Input.

He was speaking at the Infrastructure Sector of Winter and Mountain Tourism summit organized by Austria’s commercial office, Advantage Austria.

Turkey’s hospitable tradition and culture were an added incentive for tourists, he said, at the event held in Uludag, a famous Turkish ski resort center.

He said activities such as biking could attract people to the mountains in summers.

The tourism sector also develops auxiliary businesses such as those related to transportation, he added.

Ozgur Almac, an official from the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry, said Turkey is carrying out research studies for creating new winter tourism destinations and developing existing ones.

“Diversifying yearlong tourism activities holds critical importance,” he said.

The event which will run through Saturday is hosting several Austrian firms, Turkish municipalities, officials, ski center representatives, and business people.

Anadolu Agency

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