Azerbaijan wants to benefit from Turkey’s experience in film industry

Co-production of films will be on agenda in 2022, says Azerbaijani culture minister

Azerbaijan wants to benefit from Turkey’s experience in the film industry, said Azerbaijan’s culture minister on Tuesday.

Speaking at a year-end assessment meeting, Anar Kerimov said that Turkey-Azerbaijan’s co-production of films will be on the agenda in 2022.

Recalling that he paid his first overseas visit to Turkey after taking office, Kerimov said that during his visit, he discussed many things with Turkish officials including the cinema industry.

“We are planning co-production of films. We should take Turkey’s experience into consideration. Turkey has achieved great breakthrough and success in the cinema sector in a short time,” he added.

He noted that Azerbaijani directors and actors are as good as Turkish directors and actors.

However, he underlined that it is too early to talk about concrete projects, for now, adding: “We would very much like to make films together with Turkey. This will also serve to stream those films on Netflix.”

‘Shusha city to be cultural capital of Turkic World’

“The Shusha city will be declared the ‘cultural capital of the Turkic world’ in 2023. It will be fully ready to host tourists in 2023,” Kerimov said.

Regarding the reconstruction and restoration work in the city,he said that currently three mosques and two churches are being restored.

Shusha, Azerbaijan’s cultural and historical capital, was liberated last fall after 28 years of Armenian occupation.


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