Banking sector’s loan volume reached 13 trillion 164 billion lira last week

According to the weekly bulletin published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), the sector’s loan volume increased by 30 billion 69 million lira as of May 10.

During this period, the total loan volume rose from 13 trillion 133 billion 899 million lira to 13 trillion 163 billion 968 million lira.

Total deposits in the banking sector, including interbank, also increased by 4 billion 551 million lira last week to reach 15 trillion 613 billion 772 million lira.

The amount of consumer loans reached 1 trillion 653.7 billion lira

As of May 10, the amount of consumer loans increased by 6 billion 523 million lira to 1 trillion 653 billion 695 million lira. Of this amount, 445 billion 453 million lira consisted of housing loans, 90 billion 398 million lira of vehicle loans, and 1 trillion 117 billion 843 million lira of personal loans.

During this period, the amount of installment commercial loans decreased by 2 billion 85 million lira to 1 trillion 618 billion 694 million lira.

Individual credit card receivables of banks decreased by 0.1% to 1 trillion 410 billion 791 million lira. Of the individual credit card receivables, 546 billion 178 million lira were installment debts and 864 billion 612 million lira were non-installment debts.

Legal equity increased

As of May 10, non-performing loans in the banking sector increased by 2 billion 48 million lira compared to the previous week, reaching 206 billion 922 million lira. Special provisions were allocated for 165 billion 20 million lira of non-performing loans.

During the same period, the legal equity of the banking system increased by 1 billion 775 million lira to reach 2 trillion 865 billion 789 million lira.

source prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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