Beekeeping-focused domestic startup Tech2bio went on a crowdfunding investment tour with a target of $1 million 20 thousand

Tech2bio startup, which set out to increase the efficiency in the beekeeping sector, which has a very important role in the continuity of natural balance and agricultural production with the smart hive technologies it has developed, has started an early-stage investment tour. Offering 12% of the company shares to investors on the crowdfunding platform fonbulucu and requesting a fund of $1 million 20 thousand, the initiative also receives the support of the Ankara Development Agency, the fund-raising Venture Capital Investment Fund and the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM).

Tech2bio – Smart Hive Technologies initiative, which set out with value propositions such as healthy bees, quality bee products, gaining experience for beekeepers, saving time and cost, managing beekeeping maintenance and spraying operations, and minimizing chemical use, chose the share-based crowdfunding model in search of financing. Meeting with investors on Turkiye’s most active crowdfunding platform, fonbulucu, the venture will stay on tour until January 27, 2023 and offer 12% of the company shares to investors in order to reach a fund of ₺1 million 20 thousand.

In the first 20 working days as of 10:00 am on Monday, 28 November, the start date of the tour, in which Ankara Development Agency and the funder Venture Capital Investment Fund decided to invest with a total of ₺300 thousand co-financing, an additional 20% share is given to the investors for investments made with EFT or credit card. will be given. Additional shares will be transferred to the investors’ accounts during the distribution of shares at the Central Registry Agency (MKK).

Optimizing beekeeping activities with the technology it has developed

The monitoring of bee health in smart hive technologies available in the world is based on the temperature, humidity and sound parameters inside the hive. However, today’s technologies cannot carry out in-depth analyzes on bee diseases, the observed values ​​are insufficient to detect the symptoms of bee diseases, and they do not offer the opportunity to take precautions at an early stage. With the technology it offers, Tech2bio – Smart Hive Technologies can detect signs of bee diseases approved by experts at an early stage, with integrated sensor systems placed inside the hive. The data obtained are analyzed with algorithms created in the presence of expert beekeepers, and beekeeping activities are optimized according to the disease type of the hive. While the solutions offered by Tech2bio minimize the financial, labor and time losses of the beekeeper, they also lay the groundwork for the correct direction of activities and the production of healthy bees and quality bee products.

“We will make an impact in the national and international beekeeping industry”

Dilara Uzunlu, the Founder and Project Manager of Tech2bio – Smart Hive Technologies, a women’s startup, said, “Our paths crossed with the fonbulucu in the “Women in Innovation” program organized by KADEM. We want to reach the fonbulucu audience with the share-based crowdfunding system that provides access to interest-free financing for early-stage ventures, to share our vision of beekeeping and the ecosystem with investors, and to have the opportunity to grow together with investors who trust us at an early stage. We aim at early detection of bee diseases and pests, planning the maintenance and spraying operations of beekeepers, and encouraging the use of products with gamification techniques, with our technologies that are designed according to needs, appealing to the customer, and have commercial value, by receiving investment through the fonbulucu on behalf of our initiative. With our modular system products, we will generate income by leasing and direct sales with a monthly subscription model, according to the needs of the beekeepers responsible for 94 million hives in the world. The health of these small creatures, which contribute €265 billion to agriculture in the world, will now be under the control of beekeepers with smart hive technologies. As Tech2bio, we believe that we will make an impact in the national and international beekeeping industry in the long run.”

Enis Erdem Yurdatapan, Director of fonbulucu Entrepreneur Relations, said, “As fonbulucu, we partner not only with startups, but also with events, programs, communities and competitions. The share-based crowdfunding model, which facilitates the access of startups to finance and enables investors to invest in the unicorns of the future in a comfortable and reliable way, is rapidly becoming widespread as one of the new-generation investment tools. Our biggest goal is to bring the ecosystem to world standards by mediating the collection of financial resources needed by venture companies for the production of technological products/services with high added value and competitiveness in Turkiye. We wish success in the investment tour to Tech2bio – Smart Hive Technologies initiative, which has chosen to be with us by believing in our strength and choosing to be with us on this path we are taking with confident steps.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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