Binance Turkiye met with entrepreneurs for the first time in Ankara

Binance Turkiye met with entrepreneurs for the first time at the event held in Ankara Technopark. Many topics were covered at the event, from the crypto ecosystem to Web3. Participants were informed about Binance’s startup support program, Binance Labs.

Binance Turkiye met with entrepreneurs at the event held in Ankara Technopark and provided information on many topics such as technology, crypto, Web3 and entrepreneurship. At the event, participants were informed about Binance’s startup support program, Binance Labs. It was stated that Binance Labs has supported more than 200 projects in 25 countries on 5 continents in the last 3 years.

Binance Labs Investment Manager Alex Odagiu, who attended the event online, gave detailed information about Binance Labs and the projects in Turkiye. Odagiu said the following:

“Turkiye is one of the most active countries in the field of crypto and blockchain. It has a growing number of university clubs, Web3 startups, and blockchain developers, along with a significant crypto adopter base. Turkiye has already proven itself as a powerhouse for Web2 industries such as game development. We believe we will see similar determination in Web3.”

“We offer more than financial support to projects”

Talking about the future plans of Binance Labs about the projects in Turkiye, Odagiu talked about the support given by Binance Labs to the projects;

“Binance Labs sees the potential of Web3 to create new opportunities for startups and investors alike, including Turkiye. We are not content with providing financial support to established businesses/projects. “We are also focusing on incubating early-stage projects and plan to provide comprehensive support to global founders and projects, from origination to technical implementation, fundraising and more, so they can emerge stronger from the market downturn and grow.”

Binance Labs focuses on investments in the Web3 space

Emphasizing the importance of Binance Labs for the ecosystem, Odagiu emphasized that they have adopted a 3-stage approach in their investments;

“Binance Labs is Binance’s venture capital arm and incubator focused on the Web3 space covering early stage, growth stage and mature stage investments. It is also an incubator for high potential early stage projects. We make long-term investments and adopt a 3-step approach to increase mass adoption in our investments. These are; 1) Infrastructure as the core layer, L0, L1, ZK techniques, 2) User engagement tools such as smart contract wallets, data and security tools 3) Focus on application layers that serve as use cases for the end user, such as Web3 games, dApps, DeFi.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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