BiSU collaborates with DrinkGo with the goal of sustainable and profitable growth

Online water distribution company BiSU announced that it stopped its fast delivery model due to uncertainties in investment processes. After this decision, which was shared with the public on April 29, the company continued to operate as a water order marketplace without interruption. In the 10 days that have passed, a new development has occurred in BiSU. Founded under the leadership of the Disli and Karabacak families, one of the creators of the Sirma brand, which was sold to the French brand Danone, DrinkGo Inc. announced that it will enter into a strategic cooperation with BiSU.

Dealers are starting to reopen

With this cooperation, this new formation will undertake the Turkiye operation and all operational costs of the fast delivery service. Products will be sold by dealers. BiSU, on the other hand, will continue to receive commissions on the order. 21 of the BiSU dealers, which were closed with the new model, were reopened to service. It is aimed to activate 40 dealers by the end of this month.

It will be the driving force for our goals

BiSU Co-Founder and CEO Ergin Uner, who said, “We have always set operational excellence as our biggest goal since the first day they implemented the BiSU idea, said that they have opened a new page for a sustainable and profitable growth story. Ergin Uner said:

“Together with our entire team and with all our energy, we will work with all our strength to further increase our current strength in the market. In this context, we attach great importance to the new formation we have brought to life with the Disli and Karbacak families… After the Disli and Karabacak families, as it is known, turned the water brand Sırma into a big brand, they sold the same brand to the French Danone. At the same time, he established an important dealership organization throughout Turkiye and managed it very successfully. Now, the entire operation of the fast delivery process in BiSU will be managed by DrinkGo Inc. BiSU will not interfere with operational costs and will continue to receive commissions from the products sold… This strategic cooperation will not only open the door to a cost-free and profitable business model for BiSU, but will also be a driving force for our overseas targets, which we have been preparing for for a long time.”

We could not remain indifferent to BiSU

Pointing out that the BiSU model is an accurate and open to growth model, DrinkGo Inc. Chairman of the Board, which also includes the water brand Mila, Davut Disli said that they are aware of the importance of the employment and value created by BiSU to the country’s economy. Disli summarizing the process BiSU is in as a ‘growth pain’:

“The value BiSU reaches and the employment it creates are very important. We wanted to take the responsibility so that this value can reach much better places and even represent us abroad as a Turkish brand.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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