Biyomod: Domestic health startup focusing on elderly people

Launched by Ayhan Ozan Yilmaz, the platform provides wearable sensors, mobile applications, health platforms and service integrated solutions to offer innovative solutions in the fields of health and safety of the elderly, sleep quality, respiratory, heart and muscle activity monitoring.

According to the definition made by the World Health Organization, people aged 65 and over are considered elderly. According to the data for 2021, 26% of the world’s population is 15 years old and under, and 10% is 65 years old and over. As the world population ages, digital health platforms that develop technology on patient monitoring and medical sensors have started to gain importance. Although these platforms come to the forefront mostly in the USA, it is possible to come across examples in Turkiye.

Biyomod, the startup established in ODTU Technopolis in 2012, is one of them. It was launched by four entrepreneurs Ayhan Ozan Yilmaz, Huseyin Yigitler, Prof. Dr. Orhan Cinar and Baris Evren Eser, who have worked in the digital health sector for many years. Biyomod realizes wearable sensors, mobile application, health platform and service integrated solutions to offer innovative solutions in the fields of health and safety of elderly people, sleep quality, respiratory, heart and muscle activity monitoring.

Ayhan Ozan Yilmaz defines the company’s PingBit Health solution as a healthy living platform where various health and vital signs can be recorded and observed. He says that on this platform, not only the devices developed by Biyomod, but also the products of global medical technology companies and the devices developed by the startups are offered as integrated solutions. He adds that the solutions developed by the company for 10 years are delivered to the end users with the new generation digital health club concept.

An effective wellness plan in 4 steps

The company, PingBit Health Club, is actually a mobile application… This application creates an effective wellness plan in 4 steps. First of all, it gets to know the user, gets him in touch with support specialists, offers technologies specific to health findings, and offers a personalized program by evaluating vital values, physical activities, and life data.

Ayhan Ozan Yilmaz says that the company has cooperated with Omron, Taidoc and GE Healthcare within 2 years and continues his words as follows: “It integrated EKG, blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, body temperature measuring devices with PingBit solutions. It has also developed partnerships with more than 10 organizations in the UK, Taiwan and China developing innovative healthcare solutions.”

Biyomod, which has not received any investment so far; completed 6 R&D projects supported by Tubitak in the fields of telemedicine, wearable sleep apnea, asthma, COPD and COVID-19 monitoring. WeBreath applied for 2 published patents for a bioimpedance and acoustic-based wearable respiratory tracker developed within the scope of these projects. With the Mate smartwatch product, individuals with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease were supported and vital signs were monitored independently of the phone along with physical activities. The company offers subscriptions and wellness packages in the “Lifestyle as a Service” model for individual use. It uses PAAS, DAAS, SAAS models to its customers in corporate sales.

Stating that although there are many solutions and global brands in the field of wearable health tracking devices, there are few solutions targeting users over 55 years of age, Yilmaz continues: “In cases where the medical measurements carried out are not integrated with the health service and the end user is not motivated, its sustainability cannot be ensured.

In addition, since healthy living, preventive and preventive health solutions require diverse and continuous data from many sources, one solution is often not enough. For these reasons, it is necessary to offer solutions that users can adapt very easily, do not require effort, are supported by healthcare professionals and can be integrated with third-party healthcare solutions. By doing exactly this, PingBit Health Club sets itself apart from its competitors. PingBit offers a comprehensive “Connected Health” solution that can be accessed for users aged 55 and over, covers the concepts of independent living, chronic disease monitoring and healthy living, can be integrated with many products and includes the support of healthcare professionals.

The company’s goal is to change the understanding of healthy living and introduce the new generation digital health club concept to users of all age groups. In line with this goal, PingBit Health Club plans to deliver its solutions to England, Europe and America starting from the second half of 2023, starting from Turkiye.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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