Bodrum expected to welcome 1 million visitors during Eid holiday

Bodrum, the beloved tourist haven for both domestic and international visitors, is poised for a bustling Eid al-Adha period, with the population expected to swell to 1 million.

The coastal city faces a high demand for accommodation as the Eid holiday, which was extended to a nine-day period, coincides with summer vacations.

For this reason, early reservations are crucial, hoteliers say, as hotel occupancy rates have almost reached 90 percent.

Ömer Faruk Dengiz, head of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association,stressed the importance of securing reservations in advance.

“Those who come without a reservation are likely to stay at the door,” he warned.

He advised prospective visitors to book through reputable agencies associated with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies to avoid being left without a place to stay.

Hasan Yiğit, a hotel operator, highlighted the anticipated increase in population and the ensuing congestion.

“The closing of schools and the nine-day holiday will create a serious density… We predict that the population will be over 1 million, he said, adding that traffic disruptions and crowded beaches are likely.”

Tourism expert İlker Adas also shared optimistic projections for the holiday period.

“We estimate that we will have approximately 1 million guests throughout Bodrum, he noted, emphasizing the influx of Turkish visitors for the Eid holiday and the expected high occupancy rates for the 2024 summer season in general.”

In response to the anticipated influx, Bodrum will bolster security by deploying additional police, while the municipality will implement a double-shift system for 24-hour waste management.

Security measures will be heightened to ensure peace and safety during the holiday.

Meanwhile, Bodrum’s private beaches are set to open as the season kicks off, with entrance fees ranging from 500 to 3,000 Turkish Liras.

Prices of food items reflect the luxury of these venues, with lahmacun (a Turkish flatbread with minced meat) costing between 100 and 1,000 liras and hamburgers priced from 450 to 1,000 liras, depending on ingredients and service.

Alişir Şahin, Vice President of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association addressed the perception of Bodrum’s high prices, attributing it to the supply-demand balance.

“Bodrum is the apple of the eye of the world and Türkiye. Naturally, everyone wants to come here,” he explained.

While municipal beaches offer free access, the high-end private beach businesses cater to those willing to pay for exclusivity and premium service.

“These businesses differ according to service and location. In my opinion, the fact that Bodrum is on the agenda as overly expensive is related to the supply-demand balance,” Şahin added.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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