Bonjuur, a cleaning service startup founded by Omer Bese in New York, received an investment of $25,000 from Jason Calacanis

Bonjuur, a New York-based technology service that allows full-time cleaning professionals to share with neighbors, has received a $25,000 investment from Jason Calacanis, one of Uber’s early investors.

With the development of technology, we have started to feel and personally experience digital transformation in all areas of life. One of the areas where technology is felt intensely is the cleaning sector. To date, we have encountered many initiatives focused on calling home cleaning professionals through online platforms. Bonjuur, which was founded in New York by a Turkish entrepreneur, is on the same vertical, but differs from other startups with the service it offers.

Bonjuur is a New York-based technology service that allows full-time cleaning professionals to share with neighbors. Working with a monthly membership system, Bonjuur tidys up the users’ homes every day and provides a regular living space. There are multiple subscription models available on the platform.

If a monthly subscription service of $320 is selected on the platform, the person is offered the service of receiving mail and packages from the lobby, tidying all rooms, and cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In the $600 subscription package, this service is further expanded. This package provides many services, from wiping doors to microwave cleaning, from vacuuming floors to polishing steel products.

The founding story of Bonjuur is also very interesting. While Omer Bese was pursuing his master’s degree in sustainability at Columbia University, the idea of Bonjuur came about when he could not find the service he was looking for. Bese completed her associate degree in energy efficiency engineering and worked as a consultant. Through this need, which he realized during his graduate education, he turned to entrepreneurship. During this period, he was accepted into the Founder University program founded by Jason Calacanis, one of the first investors of Uber, and started working on Bonjuur full-time.

Founder University is an online program that allows people with no ties to the entrepreneurial ecosystem to come up with minimal viable products from their ideas in 12 weeks. Every entrepreneur who completes the Founder University education presents their idea to the Launch Accelerator team and the selected startups meet with Jason Calacanis in person. Bonjuur was one of the initiatives that attracted the attention of Calacanis in this context.

Jason Calacanis has made an early-stage investment of $25,000 in Bonjuur. He added that Calacanis is a game-changing venture for Bonjuur.

In the meantime, let’s not forget that Omer Bese wants to volunteer as a mentor to every entrepreneur who is considering applying to Founder University.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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