Boyner & Lee Cooper collaboration in Environment-friendly fashion

Boyner signed a new collaboration with Lee Cooper that contributes to a sustainable future and expands the field of sustainable fashion.

According to the statement of Boyner, the environmentally friendly capsule collection, created by Lee Cooper using repreve yarn and with less water consumption, is presented to customers only at Boyner stores and at “”.

The “repreve” yarns, obtained by the recycling process of plastic wastes that harm the ecological balance of nature, have come to life in nature-friendly products prepared by Lee Cooper for Boyner.

The use of “repreve” yarns instead of conventional polyester material in capsule collection production has brought out striking results in terms of sustainable production. 45 percent less energy and 20 percent less water was consumed in the production phase of the collection, which was prepared by transforming approximately 20 thousand plastic bottles into ”repreve” content. Gas emissions have decreased by 30 percent. In other words, 264 thousand liters of water were saved while 33 thousand 400 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced during the production. T-shirts in the collection are made of organic cotton.

“We will continue to sign projects in the field of sustainable fashion.”

Eren Camurdan, the Boyner Department Manager (CEO) emphasized that the dynamics of the fashion world are changing into a nature, environment and sustainability-oriented manner. Stating that these issues, which have shaped the fashion agenda in recent years, have gained more importance especially with the pandemic process, Camurdan said:

‘’ Covid-19 which deeply affects our business and social life, lead us to question not only our consumption habits, but also the production habits. Consumers, especially young people, behave more consciously and selectively in this regard and turn to brands that are sensitive to nature. While the themes of calmness and simplicity stand out, the trend towards ecological products is increasing. We are aware of our responsibility to leave nature and the environment protected to future generations. We direct our business within this responsibility, and we make plans by putting sustainability at the center of our business strategies. We have recycled 144.2 tons of textile waste so far within the scope of our “Recycle into Good” project, which we launched in 2014 to recycle unused textile products.

Now, we have implemented a valuable project that takes our sustainability efforts to a different level with our valuable business partner Lee Cooper. We present a denim collection prepared with repreve yarns, which is a very good example of environmentalist, ethical and sustainable fashion understanding, to consumers. The collection is both designed with an environmentally friendly approach and has extremely comfortable and trendy pieces. I hope this collection will contribute to the sustainability trend in the fashion world, and I would like to thank Lee Cooper for their cooperation. We will continue to undertake projects that expand the field of sustainable fashion with both our Boyner private brands and the brands we cooperate with.’’

“We aimed to offer a fully sustainable collection with Boyner.”

Ahmet Oksuz, the board chairman of Kipas which has retail, marketing and production rights of Lee Cooper brand since 2010 and the board chairman of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (ITHIB) stated that they started to see the need for a sustainable lifestyle much more clearly with the pandemic. Oksuz said:

‘’ As Lee Cooper, we establish our entire production and sales strategy on the basis of sustainability in order to support the lifestyle and leave a cleaner environment to future generations. With this project we have implemented with Boyner, we aim to be a source of inspiration to prevent plastic pollution, which is shown as the biggest threat to nature and the future. Pet bottles, which disappear in nature in a long period of about 400 years, started to negatively affect the ecological life in the sea and on the land, as well as polluting nature and environment.

We brought the issue of pollution to the circular economy and started a new fashion trend with this project; we want to support our customers’ approaches with social awareness while purchasing trendy and comfortable products. We save our environment and protect our nature from approximately 180 million plastic bottle waste annually with these specially recycled fabrics, which were made within the cooperation of Kipas and Repreve. We and Boyner aimed to offer a fully sustainable collection with our t-shirts made of organic cotton and denim recycled from pet bottles. We are leaving a cleaner world to our customers by further developing our sustainable projects.’’

Nature-friendly capsule collection includes products for men, women and children

Among the products in the capsule collection; there are options such as denim trousers, denim jackets, shorts and t-shirts for women, men and children. Boyner, pioneering the industry in spreading goodness and respect for nature, will continue to offer its customers many products that will add value to life, such as organic textile, vegan products, cosmetic products that have not been tested on animals and environmentally friendly products, under the roof of LiveWell.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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