Branchsight: Domestic platform for brands working with dealership and franchising system

Branchsight, which enables dealers affiliated with brands that provide dealership and franchising services to place their digital marketing ads in the most accurate way in 10 seconds, started to serve in the Turkish market with its strong customer support operation and the latest technological infrastructure. Branchsight, which is the digital solution partner of both brands and the dealers or franchise branches of these brands on a single platform, helps dealers to get to know digital marketing better with the trainings it provides at intervals.

Follow All Digital Marketing Processes of Dealers

Founded by Emre Goksin and Huseyin Can Yildirim, Branchsight started the process of working with brands such as Alarko, Toshiba and Michelin as of November 2022. Emre Goksin, the founding partner who took the first steps of the Branchsight startup as a result of the missing points in the training and consultancy services he provided, said: “The idea of Branchsight, which enables to follow all the digital processes of the dealers, actually emerged upon the realization of a very basic but very important need. Institutions that have a dealer structure demand that their dealers have digital marketing competence. At the end of the training journey we started here, we found that the action rate of the dealers remained quite low. When we analyze the obstacles related to the subject, the biggest problems are; We see that there are problems such as the dealer’s inability to find the time to learn and implement the advertising processes, the complex interfaces of the advertising platforms, the dealer who wants to advertise not knowing how to target and not being able to solve his visual needs alone. Therefore, we can say that Branchsight is a project that sets out by considering all these needs of the dealers.”

How Does Branchsight Work?

Branchsight works with the philosophy of “Advertisement in 10 seconds”. In the system, which quickly integrates the Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads accounts of the dealer, the visual and targeting strategy determined by the general directorate is automatically generated for each dealer – specific to the dealer.

In addition to the strategy prepared for them by Branchsight, dealers can activate the campaign in 10 seconds by simply setting a budget. Both the dealer and the head office can easily monitor the entire process and performance of the activated advertisement through the panel. All the data that the dealer receives through digital marketing is shared with the CRM system, helping brands to keep the data management process in their hands.

Aiming that all brands and dealerships included in its system benefit from the digital marketing service, which is the most effective marketing method of our age, Branchsight aims to be the biggest helper of advertisers with its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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