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Camping and caravans: Best spots in Turkiye for a unique lifestyle

Camping and living in caravans has been a rising trend in recent years as people are frustrated with crowded city life and want to reconnect with nature and serenity and Turkiye is an ideal country for those looking for perfect sites to camp

Living in a caravan or just going out camping has become a seriously popular lifestyle in recent years as people prefer camping and caravan life to be more in contact with nature and to get away from city life. So, let’s take a look at this unique and peaceful lifestyle together.

Camping is a lifestyle whose goal is to temporarily stay in natural environments and to be intertwined with nature. Many different places offer a wide range of alternatives to camp, such as mountains, forests, lakes and beaches. When camping, tents or caravans are often used. Although a tent is a less costly option, it provides less comfort than a caravan. Caravans, on the other hand, have many features to ensure a comfortable life. A fully equipped kitchen, bed, toilet, shower and more can be found.

Living in caravans has also become more popular, especially during the pandemic, but is also an ideal option for traveling. People can travel to many different places, and take their accommodation and cooking facilities with them in their caravan.

Camping and caravan living provides many benefits for people. First of all, being in touch with nature reduces stress and relaxes your mind. Activities such as nature walks, hikes,campfires and stargazing can rest and relax one’s mind. Second, camping and caravan living helps people spend less. It is more expensive to stay in places such as hotels or resorts for vacation. Accommodation in a caravan or tent is a cheaper option.

Camping and caravan living can also present some challenges for people though. First, living in nature requires extra effort to eat, drink and meet other basic needs. Therefore, before embarking on this lifestyle, you need to have the necessary tools and equipment to meet your needs – and also the will. Moreover, camping and caravan living can present physical challenges for some people. This lifestyle may not be suitable, especially for older people or the disabled.

Caravans were originally designed for the accommodation of circus workers in the late 19th century and were later used by gypsies living in Europe. After the developments in the automobile industry, the types of caravans called “motorhomes” and used without the need for a towing vehicle like other caravans integrated with vehicles – were made.

Today, two types of caravans are used, namely motorhomes and trailers. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For long stays, a tow caravan or trailer is preferred, and for short-term stays, a motorhome is preferred. The trailer does not have much expense other than the wear on its tires. If freedom of movement is at the forefront though, motorhomes are the top pick.

Paradise for camping

Turkiye is an ideal country for camping and caravan living. There are many campgrounds and RV parks in almost every part of the country. These campsites are frequently visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s take a look at some of these popular campgrounds in Turkiye.

The first that comes to mind, in the south of Antalya, Olympos and Çıralı beaches are famous for their turquoise sea, warm weather and beautiful scenery, altogether creating an ideal spot for camping.

Located in the south of Muğla, Marmaris Forest Camp is covered with pine trees and is only a few minutes from the sea. The campground is famous for its natural beauty and quiet atmosphere.

Uludağ National Park, located east of Bursa, is a popular place for camping. It is famous for its high mountains, deep valleys and waterfalls.

Akçay Campground, located in the south of Aydın, is famous for its natural beauty and calm atmosphere. The campground is located by the sea.

Turkiye’s largest lake, Lake Van, is also one of its most popular places for camping. The natural beauties around the lake offer an ideal setting for camping.

Sümela Monastery Campground, located in the south of Trabzon, is famous for its unique views. It is an ideal place to explore natural beauties and historical places among the breathtaking mountainsides.

Located in the south of Balıkesir, Kazdağı National Park is famous for its mountainous terrain and natural beauties. It is a popular place for camping, hiking and mountain biking.

There are many different options for camping in Turkiye. These camping areas are visited by thousands of tourists every year for their natural beauty, serene atmosphere and other features. Turkiye is home to a unique, beautiful and perfect array of options for camping and caravan living if you ever want to the lifestyle a shot.


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