Cappadocia’s unique lake fascinates with its beauty

Narligol was an attracted destination for tourists and photographers before coronavirus outbreak

The Narligol lake, which looks like a heart in the Cappadocia region in central Turkey, has blossomed into a beautiful sight with the arrival of spring.

The crater lake, located at the two provinces Aksaray and Nigde border at a height of 1365 meters above sea level, fascinates with its rock-carved places, fairy chimneys, and natural beauty.

The lake was an attractive destination for tourists and photographers before coronavirus outbreak, and now with the arrival of spring, it constitutes an array of bright colors.

Daisies add distinct beauty

The area, which has hundreds of trees, especially almond and apricot, adds a distinct beauty by daisies.

Narligol is surrounded by mountains and it can be reached after a half-an-hour climb from Aksaray province.

Soydan Koksal, who came to visit the lake, described the lake as a wonder of nature, a very beautiful place.

“Spring has come, the flowers are blooming here. It gives people peace and comfort. I want everyone to come here and see this unique view,” he said.

Another visitor, Celal Pamuk, also said he comes to the lake two or three times a month, and everyone should see this beauty.

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