Car calling app inDrive starts shipping services

“inDrive.Nakliyat”(Shipping), where inDrive, one of the most used car calling applications in the world, provides transportation services, came to Turkiye.

InDrive.Nakliyat, which provides service on the same day upon request created from the application, was launched in Istanbul. Thanks to this feature, which is used all over the world, inDrive users can request any goods or equipment between 20 kg and 20 tons to be delivered 24/7. The service also has the feature of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The direct agreement between the customer and the contractor on the price of the service makes the application feature unique. The same pricing principle applies to other InDrive services around the world. Emphasizing that its biggest principle is fair service, inDrive carries out all processes transparently. inDrive.Nakliyat is currently used by tens of thousands of people in many countries such as Pakistan, India, Brazil, Mexico and Kazakhstan.

As easy as ordering food

Artem Selian, inDrive.Nakliyat Turkiye Business Development Manager, said in a statement:

“With inDrive.Nakliyat, our users can find carriers as easily as ordering food. We offer the most suitable and fairest freight options to all our customers, thanks to the determination of their own prices, which is the most distinguishing feature of the service.”

In the feature where the delivery time, pick-up and destination can be selected, it is also possible to choose a vehicle according to the load situation. Depending on the type of cargo, three types of vehicles can be selected: minivan, medium-size pickup truck and light truck. inDrive.Nakliyat aims to grow by expanding its current vehicle list. Customers do not pay any additional costs other than the agreed price and are entitled to free cancellation. All drivers and their documents on the service are carefully verified to ensure the complete security of the shipment. The user can select the carrier based on price, delivery time and driver’s rating. Android device users can also track delivery in real time to make sure the shipment is on the right track.

No service fee

Artem Selian:

“After the earthquakes in Turkiye, inDrive.Nakliyat supported the delivery of humanitarian aid to earthquake zones. Taking into account the consequences of the disaster, we have decided to remove the service fee charged to drivers by the end of 2023.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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