Car rental platform Miniyol went on a crowdfunding investment tour with a target of ₺10.2 million

Miniyol, which was established in 2020 with the support of KOSGEB R&D and Innovation in Erciyes University Technology Development Zone, operating in the field of online car rental technologies, went on an investment tour on the fonbulucu platform.

Miniyol, which was established by the founders and managers of with the support of KOSGEB R&D and Innovation in the Erciyes University Technology Development Zone, is going on an investment tour with a target of ₺10.2 million in the share-based crowdfunding platform fonbulucu.

The startup, which sets out as a solution to the problem of making manual comparisons by visiting hundreds of web pages to compare thousands of vehicles of tens of car rental platforms, aims to reach a financing of ₺10 million 200 thousand with the supply of 12% of the company shares to investors.

More than ₺1 million of funds will be provided with the participation of fonbulucu CEO Hakan Yildiz and different angel investors to the tour, in which Ankara Development Agency and fonbulucu Venture Capital Investment Fund decided to invest ₺1 million with the co-financing model.

The investment round started at 10.00 today, and within 15 working days, investors will be given a 20% bonus share for investments made with EFT or credit card. In addition, transactions made by investors on with the fonbulucu10 discount code will be 10% off for one year.

Miniyol, the first stage of Miniyol Mobility Super App, is the daily car rental marketplace, opened in June 2021, and has already reached more than 1 million 500 thousand visitors and a turnover of ₺11 million in the first 17 months. With the successful completion of the investment tour, Miniyol Express, which will provide use-and-drop car rental services, and Miniyol Self, which will provide person-to-person car rental services, are planned to be launched in 2023. Miniyol, advancing with the motto “The new way to rent a car”, will become the Mobility Super App within five years after the launch of its new products.

Turkiye’s second online car rental marketplace

Providing information about its services, Miniyol Founding Partner Yasar Celik said, “Miniyol is a platform that provides vehicle comparison and reservation services through the website and mobile applications by integrating car rental companies into Miniyol systems. There are more than 80 thousand vehicles of more than 80 companies providing global, national and regional services such as Sixt, Garenta, Europcar, Rentgo, Avec on the platform. The main differences that distinguish from its competitors are payment methods, customer loyalty programs and unconditional cancellation and return rights. With this equipment, has become Turkiye’s second online car rental marketplace in a short period of one year.”

Miniyol Co-Founder Furkan Celik said, “We are a company that develops new business models and technologies for a sustainable world. We create new revenue models with the products we will develop, and reduce carbon emissions with the sharing ecosystem. Therefore, we are in the production of value for people, society and the world. While the interest of our target audience, Generation Y and Z, in the sharing and rental ecosystem is increasing, we are also aware that they prefer to connect with companies that set out with permanent value propositions. We invite all your individual and corporate investors who believe in the future of the mobility ecosystem that develops on the basis of social responsibility awareness to become a partner in our story.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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