CarrefourSA collaborated with trade finance platform FaturaLab

CarrefourSA, which has been operating in the food retail industry for 30 years in Turkiye, has signed a cooperation with the trade finance platform FaturaLab, which brings together buyers, sellers and financial institutions on a single platform in order to bring its suppliers together with different financial solutions.

CarrefourSA aims to establish a sustainable business partnership with its stakeholders and suppliers in the organized retail sector, while creating economic value, while maintaining its business conduct and relations with all stakeholders within the framework of ethical values. In this process, it launches new generation supply chain platforms to facilitate the access of its suppliers and stakeholders to the cash flow and financing they need.

Within the scope of the cooperation realized with FaturaLab, CarrefourSA eliminates the difficulties faced by buyer companies in accessing finance, and helps its suppliers manage their early collection requests, working capital needs, and their corporate identity in a fast, auditable, effective and transparent manner on the same platform with more than 20 financial institutions.

In a statement, FaturaLab CEO Emre Aydin said, “We are working to help our platform members manage their working capital more effectively by offering alternative collection opportunities. Economic developments after the pandemic have increased the importance of technology. We conducted a special workflow study with CarrefourSA for its suppliers in order to ensure transparent and correct use and balancing of commercial documents, as well as easier access to finance, and we raised all our business processes to the level of our corporate standards.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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