CBRT: Deposits of the banking sector decreased by ₺18 billion

Total deposits of the banking sector decreased by ₺18.3 billion in the week ending March 1 compared to the previous week, falling to ₺15 trillion 495.5 billion.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye (CBRT) announced weekly money and bank statistics.

Accordingly, the total deposits of the banking sector (including interbank) decreased by ₺18 billion 293 million 430 thousand in the week ending March 1, decreasing to ₺15 trillion 495 billion 476 million 130 thousand.

In the same period, TL deposits in banks decreased by 0.87% to ₺8 trillion 718 billion 176 million 895 thousand, and foreign currency (FX) deposits increased by 0.11% to ₺6 trillion 123 billion 232 million 157 thousand.

While total FX deposits in banks amounted to $207 billion 292 million last week, $175 billion 455 million of this amount was collected in the accounts of domestic residents.

Considering the data adjusted for parity effect, there was a decrease of $1 billion 262 million in the total FX deposits of domestic residents as of March 1.

Installment commercial loan amount increased

Consumer loans in deposit banks increased by 1.05% last week and reached ₺1 trillion 490 billion 4 million 141 thousand. In the same period, commercial installment loans increased by 1.80% to ₺1 trillion 391 billion 384 million 824 thousand, and credit card balances increased by 3.22% to ₺1 trillion 731 billion 94 million 496 thousand.

Of the consumer loans in deposit banks, ₺396 billion 239 million 524 thousand consisted of housing, ₺70 billion 387 million 292 thousand from vehicle loans and ₺1 trillion 23 billion 377 million 325 thousand from other loans.

The total credit volume of the banking sector, including the CBRT, increased by ₺179 billion 347 million 409 thousand in the week ending March 1, reaching ₺11 trillion 925 billion 565 million 995 thousand. Total loan volume increased by 52.96% compared to the same period last year.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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