CBRT’s Non-Swap Net Reserves Continue to Increase, Reaching $11.4 Billion

Turkiye’s Central Bank, CBRT, sees a robust rise in non-swap net reserves, reflecting ongoing efforts to strengthen post-election fiscal stability.

Turkiye’s Central Bank, known as CBRT, has reported a significant increase in its non-swap net reserves, reaching $11.4 billion as of the week ending June 14. The CBRT continues to show momentum in restoring its reserve levels, according to calculations based on CBRT balance sheet data by Bloomberg HT.

The non-swap net reserves saw a notable rise of $5.4 billion during the week of June 14, underscoring CBRT’s proactive measures to bolster its reserve quality following local elections.

Since the elections, CBRT has executed forex purchases aimed at stabilizing its currency position. This effort has contributed to a total recovery of $76.9 billion in relevant forex positions since the elections.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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