Central Bank to Increase FAST Transfer Limit to ₺100 Thousand

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye will increase the limit of the Instant and Continuous Transfer of Funds system to ₺100 thousand as of April 4. Up to ₺250 thousand can be processed in workplace payments using the FAST-TR QR Code.

According to the information on the CBRT’s website, the per transaction limit of the FAST system has been updated as of April 4, 2024.

Accordingly, while there is no transaction limit in the FAST system, a maximum of ₺100 thousand can be sent per transaction.

In dynamic verification workplace payments using FAST-TR QR code, transactions up to ₺250 thousand can be made at once.

The FAST limit is currently applied as ₺50 thousand.

The following was noted in the bank’s announcement:

As planned and announced to FAST participants in December 2023; Considering the interest of users in the FAST system and the dynamic requirements of the payments ecosystem, FAST transaction amount limits as of April 4, 2024; will be increased from ₺50 thousand to ₺100 thousand for money transfers, and from ₺100 thousand to ₺250 thousand for dynamic verification workplace payments made using FAST-TR QR code.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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