CEO of Gedik Investment: We can turn many values like games into investment instruments

Onur Topac, CEO of Gedik Investment, which entered investment banking, said that they can turn many values ​​from real estate projects to games into investment instruments.

As the deepening of the capital markets in Turkey accelerates, both the number of investors and the investments made in this field are increasing. While the increase in product diversity is considered certain in this environment, companies are trying to attract domestic and foreign investors by investing in the field of investment banking one after another. Gedik Investment and Inveo Investment Holding are also undergoing a significant change recently, from establishing investment banks to start-ups and private venture capital.


Gedik Investment CEO Onur Topac says that alternatives offered to investors in Turkey should be improved. The company has many value appraisal projects in the coming period, from games to energy and real estate. Onur Topac stated that the investment bank establishment permit of Inveo Investment Holding was approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK). “Why don’t we offer a game that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times to the public. We will go into securitization. Why not a game as an investment instrument? We will turn startups or projects in the real estate sector into securities. Peak Games was sold, but it only benefited 10 investors in Turkey. 80 million were happy about it, but it didn’t benefit them. When Yemeksepeti was sold, 65% of it was in the hands of foreigners. We will establish a new generation investment bank. One of our main goals is to increase product alternatives in Turkey for foreign investors as well as in the domestic market.” Stating that the number of investors will continue to increase in the short term, Onur Topac also emphasized that there is a trend towards 5 million. Topac also stated that they observed that the capital markets were developing and new domestic investors remained in the stock market.


Stating that they have reached 44 branches and over 400 employees in 32 provinces, Topac emphasized that they will go to a structure similar to private banking branches in investment banking. Emphasizing that they have been investing in start-ups for a long time as a corporate entrepreneur, but that they will continue with a fund by 2022, Topac stated that they have allocated a fund of ₺60 million. Stating that this figure can be stretched according to the projects, Topac’s first goal is to finance more than 60 startups.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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