Commercialization Center of Istanbul (BTM) offers different programs, services to support startups

The Commercialization Center of Istanbul (BTM), awarded as the most promising program by a research institution, supports start-ups to make them professional and prepare for business life.

A Sweden based research institution for innovative programs worldwide, UBI Global, listed the BTM as the “Most Promising Young Program” in its World Ranking Report, released early November.

So far, the BTM, established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in June 2017, received applications from around 10,000 start-ups and served for 720 start-ups, with its various specific programs.

Ecem Cuhaci Kucuk, the corporate communication specialist in the BTM, said the center offers four types of programs, including BTM Camp, Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Post-Incubation.

Entrepreneurs, who want to develop their ideas and enter the start-up ecosystem, can apply for the BTM Camp program, she told Anadolu Agency.

While the Pre-Incubation program was designed for start-ups with products that they have not sold yet, the Incubation program serves for start-ups that has already achieved to sell their products, she noted.

The Post-Incubation program is for start-ups which has received funding and in need of further investment, she added.

“We have offices, shared space, as well as special rooms for these programs, and our main goal is to bridge entrepreneurs and investors,” she underlined.

Kucuk expressed that the BTM also offers consultancy and mentorship services for entrepreneurs and help their incorporating process.

“We aim to host 300 additional start-ups in the coming period to reach our 1,000 target as of 2023,” she added.

– BTM offers opportunities

Mehmet Mahir Unal, the co-founder of Onlibus application, said the BTM offers opportunities for networking, attending fairs, and sharing experience and information with other entrepreneurs.

Onlibus was developed to ensure that children are not left behind at school buses or other transportation, he said, adding: “We provide a double-stage inspection system so that parents can follow every step of their children”.

The application, which will be launched at the end of November serving for 1,000 students, received its first investment, he noted.

Start-ups establish partnerships

Asli Yilmaz, the founder of Bonarego application, said the BTM enables start-ups to access sources, join exhibitions, and meet private sector representatives and officials.

The BTM’s consultancy services are very important for entrepreneurs, and start-ups can establish partnerships through these services, she stressed.

“Bonarego, designed for tourists who do not prefer traveling with a tour guide, offers audio guides generated by professional tour guides,” she added.

The application includes guides for many cities around the world, including Istanbul, London, Paris, New York, Cairo, Rome, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Beirut.

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