Construction Machinery Industry Gathers in Istanbul for KOMATEK 2024 Fair

The KOMATEK 2024 Fair opened its doors at the Istanbul Expo Center, attracting over 200 foreign companies from countries including China, Germany, France, Italy, England, and Spain.

According to a joint statement by the Turkish Construction Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers Association (İMDER) and the Stackers Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ISDER), the event, now in its 17th edition, is expected to draw approximately 50,000 visitors and 5,000 high-level international guests.

Highlights of the Fair:

  • International Participation: More than 200 foreign companies are showcasing their products, contributing to a total of 300 companies exhibiting at the fair.
  • Exhibits: Around 2,000 machines are on display, including large construction machines and innovative technologies such as electric and rubber-wheeled excavators.
  • Technological Innovations: HİDROMEK’s “Opera” excavator, which can be operated remotely, is among the key highlights, emphasizing advancements in worker safety and operational efficiency.
  • Industry Focus: The fair emphasizes digitalization and the shift towards a green economy and green energy in response to global warming and the climate crisis.

Industry Leaders’ Insights:

Serkan Karataş, ISDER Chairman of the Board and IMDER Deputy Chairman, highlighted the fair’s focus on digital innovation and the involvement of Turkiye’s leading manufacturers. He underscored the industry’s commitment to adapting to new technologies and the global trend towards sustainability.

Oğuz Yusuf Yiğit, Secretary General of IMDER and ISDER, noted that over half of the stackers sold in Turkiye are now electric. He also pointed out that the fair features hydrogen, hybrid, and electric machines, showcasing the latest technological advancements in construction equipment.

Yiğit emphasized Turkiye’s significant role in the global market, particularly in the production of high-standard excavators, asserting, “Turkiye is one of the few manufacturers in the world capable of producing such advanced machinery.”

The KOMATEK 2024 Fair reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the construction machinery industry, highlighting Turkiye’s growing influence and commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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