Construction technologies startup YapiRadar received its second investment over ₺34 million valuation

YapiRadar, one of the leading enterprises of the construction technology (Contech) sector in Turkiye, has completed its 2022 investment tour with an investment of ₺34 million valuation.

Aiming to be the pioneer of digital transformation in the Turkish construction industry, YapiRadar received an investment of ₺34 million in the second seed round. In the first round, it received an investment of ₺10 million over a valuation.

Swiss-based Light Eagle, Join Venture and well-known angel investors such as Ahu Serter, Melih Odemis, Mehmet Celikol, Yilmaz Yildiz, Ahmet Giray Olmez, Onur Kurugol, Emre Acikel participated in the investment tour.

Guler Holding, which is YapiRadar’s first seed investor with a valuation of ₺10 million, continued its contribution and support to the venture by including the second investment round. The pre-seed investments of the venture were made by the investor Bereat Cetin Karatas.

As its first product, YapiRadar shares up-to-date data of construction projects with construction suppliers and generates income from this information platform through the membership method.

Established in 2018, YapiRadar was selected for its second term in the QNBeyond acceleration program in 2020 and was shown as one of Turkiye’s 66 Best Marketplaces and Startups in the report published in 2021.

YapiRadar’s entrepreneurs Devrim Unal Saygin (CEO) and Arif Burhan Tarhan (CTO) expressed their satisfaction after the successful investment tour.

Devrim Unal Saygin, its founding partner and CEO: “We have reached the number of solution partners over 1800 with nearly 30,000 projects, nearly 45,000 contractors, solution partners and supplier companies. According to TUIK data, the sector has grown by 119% compared to the same period of the previous year, and the digital transformation in the sector is still in its infancy. This shows us how great potential there is for digitalization.

Our aim with the new investment is to go one step beyond data sharing and to take part in the construction product supply process, to increase trust and transparency in the market. In this direction, we will evaluate the investment for business development and technology. I would like to thank my colleagues, investors, customers and business partners who trusted us.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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