Contentrain, which enables the creation of web-oriented content, went on a crowdfunding tour with a target of ₺3 million

The GIT-based Headless Content Management System Contentrain project, developed for the creation and management of web content, met with investors on the fonbulucu platform. Offering 12% of the company’s shares to investors through the new generation financing model, share-based crowdfunding, the venture company is looking for new partners with the target of reaching ₺3 million in funds.

Contentrain, which took its first steps in 2018 with the aim of providing solutions to global user needs in this field, which has a very strong potential, is looking for investors to increase its mobility, improve the product and integrate the product, which has no equivalent in Turkiye, into the sector. The startup went on a crowdfunding tour with a target of ₺3 million L through fonbulucu.

Contentrain’s goal is to obtain ₺3 million financing by offering 12% of the company’s shares to investors In the round that started with the fonbulucu, which introduced the share-based crowdfunding system to Turkiye and mediated the fundraising of more than ₺162 million in total for the startups that went on investment tours on the platform to date. The venture company announcing that it will give an additional 20% share to the investors in investments made with EFT or credit card within 20 working days as of 10:00 am on Monday, December 5, the start date of the investment tour, with the GIT-based system it has developed, it ensures that web contents are managed from a single center for all stakeholders such as marketing teams, social media teams, content writers, independently of the interface.

Contentrain, which turned into a mature idea in late 2020, went live with a Closed Beta ready for use and testing in the second half of 2021, launched on the US-based Product Hunt in May 2022 as a salable commercial product after five months of improvement/development for the Open Beta. In the short period of six months after its publication, it has reached nearly 1000 registered users, 80% of which are abroad and 20% from within the country.

Saves time and costs, and optimizes data security

Contentrain Co-Founder Ahmet Bayhan Bayramoglu, who gave information about the product whose target audience is software developers and software project owners, is one of the most organized communities in the world, said: “Our product has been developed as a practical solution that is far from the complex structure of its competitors, integrates into projects within minutes with an easy interface and has all the necessary features. It also keeps project costs at a manageable level, as it eliminates costs such as storage and bandwidth thanks to the GIT architecture it works on. In addition, with its recordable and shareable data models feature, which is not available in its competitors, it saves project managers from rework and speeds up. Again, unlike its competitors, thanks to the flexibility of the authorization system it offers, it maximizes privacy and security by assigning different authorizations for each team member.”

“We believe that we can quickly dominate the domestic market”

Stating that they have progressed with short, medium and long-term strategies in order for Contentrain to stand out and become a leader in its own category, Co-Founder Sercan Oray said, “As a result of our research in this area, we have experienced that Contentrain has achieved fruitful results with content marketing. After funding, we will carry out more powerful marketing activities that will increase the awareness of the product by producing competitive and rich content in the global market. The fact that there is no similar product in the domestic market and that the products used are of foreign origin is an important opportunity for Contentrain. In this context, we believe that we can dominate the domestic market. In addition, we will continuously continue R&D activities and scale the product to up-to-date technologies throughout its life cycle. We believe these plans will move Contentrain to a second phase investment round with a higher valuation. Following these processes, it is one of our most important goals to strengthen and execute the exit strategy of Contentrain, which has achieved the necessary awareness and usage rates abroad, increased its valuation and profitability.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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