ConvoPLUS received an investment of ₺2 million in the crowdfunding round

Social-CRM software ConvoPLUS, which facilitates social media communication and customer relations, received an investment of ₺2 million in the crowdfunding round.

Social-CRM software ConvoPLUS, which facilitates social media communication and customer relations, went on an investment tour on the crowdfunding platform fonangels. ConvoPLUS, the next-generation customer relations platform, which has everything needed to manage, personalize and centralize digital customer relations, successfully completed its investment round with the support of the leading names of the ecosystem.

The company, which was established a short time ago and has grown rapidly to reach the Scaleup position, has achieved an important success in terms of crowdfunding for the social media customer relations ecosystem by collecting more than ₺2 million in demand. At the same time, ConvoPLUS, which entered crowdfunding for promotion and sectoral collaborations, also agreed on a strategic partnership with Alternatif SuperApp during the investment process and accelerated its efforts in line with its international market target.

The Social Media Customer Relationship market is growing fast

The pandemic period has led to an increase in the number of internet users and especially digital customers. Again, as digital customers prefer to share their likes and complaints on social media platforms, social media and social media-oriented customer relations have increased their importance. For this reason, many brands have started to invest in areas such as internet technologies and social media. It can easily be said that this has led to the growth of the social media and social-crm market.

Indeed, the social-CRM market has reached a value of $17.4 billion in 2021, according to research by Persistence Market Research. In the 2021-2031 forecast period, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 49.2%. In particular, Elon Musk’s investment in Twitter has increased both the energy and value of social media platforms. As Musk stated in his post where he added information from Twitter sources, the number of active users of Twitter is increasing so fast that bot accounts are closed at the same time. This shows that platforms like Twitter will be much more important for brands. All these developments cause the value of software such as ConvoPLUS to increase. This allows investors to turn to this area.

The goal is to become a global social-CRM platform

ConvoPLUS CEO Emre Tuncer, who said that the market targets are not only local but that all efforts for branding in the international arena continue, “ConvoPLUS currently provides services in 10 languages, regardless of location. In addition, it closely follows all developing technologies and can be integrated into all technologies quickly thanks to its modular structure. Even though the market target is not quite mature today, customer relations in Metaverse have also become one of the services of ConvoPLUS. While making customer relations enjoyable with the Gamification method, it also supports process managements such as badge-points that contribute to user motivation. It creates a comfortable space in crisis management. It also has many capabilities such as advanced reporting and macros. In the light of all these features, the most important benefit of the success in crowdfunding is the energy it gives us. In particular, the fact that the leading names of the industry and our current customers have invested in ConvoPLUS is a great source of motivation.”

ConvoPLUS adds value to crowdfunding

Evaluating the success of ConvoPLUS in crowdfunding, Fonangels Crowdfunding Platform Chairman Yavuz Kus said, “Fonangels is making quality progress in the field of crowdfunding. For this reason, we carefully select each of our projects to be published on the platform, which is one of our prestigious projects in ConvoPLUS. It is very successful both as a product and as a team. In addition, considering the market value of the social media and social CRM market, we can easily say that ConvoPLUS is an opportunity for investors. In addition, the campaign period of ConvoPLUS was very enjoyable and productive. They showed their talents and differences as a team in this process as well. So much so that during the funding, they not only explained their own products, but also raised awareness of all stakeholders on social media, customer relations and digital marketing. They opened the doors of the digital world with various reports and different content. In other words, everyone who followed the funding process of ConvoPLUS, whether they invested or not, benefited. Of course, this enabled ConvoPLUS to create an informed investor base.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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