Corpus Energy collected ₺124 million from 6,286 investors in its crowdfunding tour with a target of ₺37.5 million

Corpus Energy, which completed its investment tour with the photovoltaic (PV) panel production project that converts solar energy into electricity, broke three different Turkish records in the crowdfunding system. In its investment tour, it broke new ground by collecting ₺45 million in the first 165 minutes, with 20% additional funding as allowed by crowdfunding system laws. The initiative, which exceeded the initial demand of ₺37.5 million by 331.3% and reached a record demand of ₺124 million 247 thousand 733 at the end of the round, managed to create the strongest effect of the system by giving shares to 6 thousand 286 investors.

With its 31-year deep-rooted history, Corpus Energy successfully carries out its activities in the IT, communication, textile, mining, medical, import, export and energy sectors in Turkiye, Germany and China and completed its investment tour on the crowdfunding platform fonbulucu on September 5, with record-breaking results.

Corpus Energy broke new ground by collecting ₺45 million with 20% additional funding, as allowed by crowdfunding system laws, in the first 165 minutes of the investment tour, in which 10.78% of the company’s shares were offered to investors and requested ₺37.5 million of funding. The initiative, which exceeded the initial demand of ₺37.5 million by 331.3% and reached a record demand of ₺124 million 247 thousand 733 at the end of the tour, recorded the most successful result of the system to date by giving shares to 6 thousand 286 investors.

Corpus Energy received pre-demands of ₺147 million 437 thousand 60 from 9 thousand 68 corporate and individual investors during the book collection process before the campaign. It had announced that it would add a total of ₺5 million in the capital reserves item on its balance sheet to its existing equity capital of ₺10 million, together with the fund collected at the end of the investment tour. The company also announced that it will collect demands from investors who want to sell their shares within a date range to be determined by the company, if requested by the investors participating in the tour, starting six months after the fund is transferred. Kılıç plans to return it at twice the nominal share amount.

Corpus Energy produces clean electricity without greenhouse gas emissions with solid systems that convert solar energy into electrical energy and develops solutions for critical environmental problems. With the financing it has obtained, it will produce 500 MW photovoltaic (PV) panels annually in its 7,400 square meter facility on a total area of 12 thousand square meters in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and will be offered to the public within three years.

“Investment in this field will reduce our country’s foreign dependency on energy.”

Corpus Energy Founder and Chairman Baran Kilic said in his statement;

Underlining that this potential is not adequately utilized in our country, which has a very rich solar energy potential with its geographical location, Corpus Energy Founder and Chairman Baran Kilic said that the company’s main goal is to develop technologies that will close this gap in Turkiye. Baran Kilic said, “Our solar panel production investment, which we started operations in Antalya and is expected to reach approximately $15 million in total, is part of our vision of building the future of clean energy. We have already made a fixed investment of $1.3 million in our production facility and we anticipate that we will be able to use approximately $9.8 million more from our equity resources to expand production. It is inevitable that the concrete goals of this investment will contribute to both environmental sustainability, reducing our country’s external dependence on energy, and economic growth. With the help of the fund we obtained as a result of the tour, we will increase our production capacity and be listed on the stock exchange through public offering within three years. We would like to express our endless gratitude to our investors who invested by believing in the future of Turkiye and Corpus Energy, or more precisely, to our new business partners with whom we promised to progress together. May this new beginning full of successes be beneficial and auspicious for all of us.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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