Cryptocurrency-focused content platform Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek received investment from Kriptomeda

Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek has received investment from Kriptomeda, one of the largest media companies in the Turkish crypto ecosystem. Desiring to expand its activities in the new media field with this investment, the Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek podcast aims to bring together talents producing video and written content.

Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek announced that it has received an investment from Cryptomeda, a blockchain and cryptocurrency media company.

The initiative aims to expand its media activities in line with the investment it has received. Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek, which aims to bring together publishers who produce content in different formats such as podcasts, videos and written text in the field of new media in the first place, plans to turn into a wide network of producers with talented names.

The mission of Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek is built on sharing and developing technologies that are pioneers of change in Turkiye and in the world, with the content it produces. Taking action with this awareness, the organization carries out its activities with the aim of contributing to the vision of the technology, Web3, venture & investment ecosystem in Turkiye with its contents. Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek Co-Founder Dogancan Ertas has been involved in the technology, media and investment ecosystem by completing his MBA at Dublin Business School after his education at Bilkent. On the other hand, Furkan Saatcioglu is another person who holds the title of Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek Co-Founder. Saatcioglu, who received his master’s degree at Tilburg University right after graduating from Bilkent University, carries out his work with his corporate identity during the day and focuses on explaining the potential of a Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek at other times.

Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek continues its activities with its YouTube channel, podcasts, Web3 and weekly news bulletins in the field of finance. The initiative is on its way to becoming a reference source of information in the field of Web3 in Turkiye through its website Aiming to reach more people with its educational and inspiring structure, Merkeziyetsiz Gelecek aspires to establish collaborations with stakeholders who have a creative content idea.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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